Hypercaloric: how to take and how to make the homemade supplement

When we talk about dietary supplementation and bodybuilding, it is common to think about the protein components that help people gain muscle.

However, there are several types of supplements, each made to achieve a goal more easily.

Most of these supplements are composed of a large amount of proteins , and have the main objective of helping in muscle hypertrophy.

However, within this vast supplementation market, there are many products that have different goals than just encouraging muscle growth.

This is the case of hypercalorics, also known as “mass”. It is the supplements that have the expected result of gaining or maintaining body weight.

As the name says, these products have a lot of calories. This means that most of their composition is carbohydrates and fats, in addition to having different nutrients.

Do you want to know more about the action of these hypercaloric supplements? Read on!


What is the hypercaloric supplement for?

Hypercaloric supplements provide a large amount of calories and have the main function of assisting in weight gain. It is a supplement indicated for people with difficulty gaining weight or athletes who spend a lot of calories in training.

Most have high glycemic index carbohydrates in their composition, in addition to vitamins , proteins and minerals.

In general, those who find it difficult to gain weight are people of the ectomorphic somatotype, that is, with the biotype characterized by a low rate of body fat and muscles. This may be due to an accelerated metabolism, which causes faster caloric burning and reduced caloric storage.

In such cases, hypercaloric supplementation can be a good complement to the diet. Combined with the right exercises, these supplements help in the storage of calories and, consequently, in weight gain.

In addition, hypercalorics are a simple way to obtain and guarantee a large amount of energy. Therefore, they are usually used also by people who perform very intense activities and who demand a high energy expenditure, such as professional athletes, marathon runners and bodybuilders.

Hypercaloric fattening?

It depends. Hypercaloric is a resource used by people who want to gain weight, due to the storage of calories. However, this gain depends on a number of factors, such as daily energy expenditure, diet and metabolism. If she is burning more calories than she is consuming, there will be no weight gain.

The most recommended for people who would not like to increase their weight and do not perform very intense workouts is to look for other types of supplementation.

However, this assessment must be made by a nutritionist. Hypercalorics can also be used by those who do not want to gain weight, but it is up to the nutrition professional to evaluate the supplementation for each person’s case.

How to take?

The hypercaloric supplement should be consumed according to the professional guidance of a nutritionist or doctor. This is necessary because each individual has a different metabolism, energy expenditure routine and diet.

A good option to consume hypercalorics is to combine with the intake of proteins, causing the growth of muscle mass. The lipids and the glycemic level of the carbohydrates of the hypercalorics provide the energy to prevent the loss of the muscular mass, and the proteins guarantee the effect of the hypertrophy.

The supplement can be consumed at different times of the day. When ingested in the pre-workout, the hypercalorics guarantee the necessary energy to perform the exercises.

Post-workout is also a good option, because it helps to create an energy reserve to prevent muscle catabolism. The same is true with ingestion in the morning.

However, intake of hypercalorics just before bedtime can be harmful. During sleep the energy expenditure is very low, so a large amount of calories will be more easily transformed into fat, without use.

As the supplements are mainly marketed in powder, the product must be diluted with water or other liquids of the consumer’s preference.

What is the best hypercaloric supplement?

There are several options on the market for hypercaloric supplementation. We put together a list with some products for those who are looking for these supplements. Check out:

Hiper Mass Gainer Atlhetica Pro Series

The Hiper Mass Gainer Athletica Pro Series is a hypercaloric supplement developed with carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals. The product is available in 1.5 kg and 3 kg versions, as well as in vanilla, chocolate and strawberry flavors.

Price (3kg): R $ 70 to R $ 74,80

SuperMass Integralmedica

The SuperMass Integralmédica is another full high – calorie supplement to incorporate in the diet. In its composition, there is a combination of simple and complex carbohydrates, as well as different types of protein. The product is available in 1.5 kg and 3 kg versions, and in vanilla, chocolate and strawberry flavors.

Price (3kg): R $ 53.91 to R $ 91.90

Mass Gainer Black Skull

The Mass Gainer Black Skull is a high – calorie supplement that has a high percentage of carbohydrates and also proteins. This product is also available in packages of 1.5 kg and 3 kg, and has the flavors of strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, banana and cookies & cream.

Price (3kg): R $ 63.57 to R $ 79.56

Max Titanium

The Mass 17500 Max Titanium Titanium is a high – calorie supplement that combines three types of proteins: whey protein concentrate, hydrolyzed collagen and albumin. It is available in packages of 1.4 kg and 3 kg, in 7 different flavors (chocolate, strawberry, fruit smoothie, vanilla, condensed milk, lemon and coconut pie).

Price (3kg): R $ 53.90 to R $ 79.90

How to make a homemade high calorie?

You can make your own hypercaloric supplement by putting together some foods that have large amounts of carbohydrates, balancing with proteins and nutrients.

The first item that is normally used in homemade high calorie recipes is oatmeal. Oats are found for cheap prices and are a natural source of complex carbohydrates and low in fat.

Another ingredient that works well in high calorie recipes is peanuts. It is a food that contains high protein content and has a large amount of lipids.

The essential for making a good homemade supplement is to balance carbohydrates with proteins. In this sense, you can use any supplement you already have at home to complement the high calorie, which has a large amount of protein (as is the case with whey protein or albumin).

Finally, a food that completes the homemade hypercaloric supplement is cocoa powder. Cocoa supplies essential minerals, such as magnesium and phosphorus, in addition to improving blood flow and consequently the nutrition of cells and muscles.

Do not forget that before buying or making hypercaloric supplements, it is necessary to consult with a nutrition professional.

10 hypercaloric foods

In addition to supplements, there are also high calorie foods that can contribute to a diet that aims to gain weight and accumulate energy.

It is worth remembering that gaining weight with very fatty or sugary foods, as is the case with chocolates or fried foods, is not the best way to achieve the ideal weight. There are foods that contain carbohydrates and fats to help you gain weight in a healthy way.

It is also important to eat frequently during the day, so it’s good to think about snacks for the day, in addition to the main meals.

From fruits to breads and grains, we have prepared a list of 10 high calorie foods for you to increase in your routine.

Whole milk1 cup146kcal
Banana1 medium unit105kcal
Whole grain bread1 slice68kcal
White rice100g19kcal
Extra virgin olive oil1 tablespoon119kcl
Mel1 tablespoon64kcal
Bitter chocolate (70%)100g504kcal

Calories are often seen as the enemy of a healthy diet. However, they are essential for metabolism and need to be consumed in adequate amounts for each organism.

If you are looking for healthy weight gain, opting for a diet or hypercaloric supplements can be a great option.

With the balance in the consumption of the nutrients needed by our body, it is possible to have a high calorie diet and achieve the ideal weight.

A hypercaloric supplement can also provide more energy to do more intense physical exercises, avoiding the loss of the obtained muscles.

Is that you? Have you ever eaten a high calorie diet? Did you like the tips? Tell us about your experience with supplements! Thanks for reading.