The dangers of congestive heart failure

Heart failure is a type of disease that prevents blood from being pumped with the amount and frequency necessary for the body to be able to function properly. Currently, the incidences of congestive heart failure are much higher, being one of the main causes of death in Brazil and in the world. The elderly are the most affected by this pathology.

The faster the symptoms appear, the greater the chances that the problem cannot be reversed so easily. The disease can directly affect the daily lives of those who suffer from this dysfunction, especially during the practice of physical activities.


As it happens

Some factors can cause congestive heart failure, such as: old age, high blood pressure , history of heart attack , diabetes , anemia , obesity , excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages, cardiac dysfunction, rheumatic problems and an increase in the size of the heart.

For these and other reasons, it is necessary to always be aware of the symptoms, which can often go unnoticed. Among the main signs are: shortness of breath, swelling, excessive tiredness , altered heartbeat, bloody sputum and poor appetite.


Malfunctioning of the heart can affect the body in several ways. When there is a change in the pumping of blood, the oxygenation capacity ends up being impaired, causing problems for other organs, such as the kidneys. Due to the increase in blood pressure, the lung can suffer from the accumulation of fluids, making it difficult to breathe.

Medical diagnostic

After identifying any of the symptoms, it is necessary to seek medical attention. During the consultation he will perform a clinical analysis and order tests to confirm any changes. Also for diagnosis, some tests must be performed: echocardiogram , electrocardiogram , chest x -ray, exercise test and cardiac catheterization.

Adequate treatment

When the medical diagnosis proves the existence of congestive heart failure, the use of medications such as Spironolactone , Furosemide , Hydrochlorothiazide , Enalapril and Metoprolol may be prescribed.

Despite this, some alternative measures such as lifestyle changes can be beneficial. To quit smoking, to practice physical activities frequently, to control weight, in addition to reducing the amount of salt in the diet, are simple ways to prevent the development of the problem or, at least, to control it.