After-sun products: what are they for? See how to use and options

Summer is the season when many people take the opportunity to travel, go to the beach or clubs, sunbathe and catch up on their tan.

We know that exposure to the sun without protection can cause damage to the health and appearance of the skin, increasing the risks of premature aging and even diseases such as cancer .

However, in addition to protecting the dermis when tanning or doing some outdoor activity, sometimes it is also necessary to take care of it afterwards. For this, products such as after-sun can be used – better understand how and why to use it:


What are after-sun products?

After-sun products are lotions or creams that have a formula enriched with active ingredients that provide soothing and anti-inflammatory action to the dermis.

After-sun products are commonly available in creams or lotions, providing soothing and anti-inflammatory action for sensitized skin.

Thus, these products have ingredients such as aloe vera and chamomile, which are useful to provide relief from burns and regenerate the protective layer of the skin.

Therefore, after-sun products are indicated for when the skin is red, painful, extremely dry and / or peeling. This, as a result of exacerbated or unprotected exposure to sunlight.

In this case, it is the UVB rays that cause the blood vessels to dilate and, through chemical processes in the body, cause such symptoms and sensitivity to the dermis. Which makes it necessary to use the after sun.

So, it is evident that its use is intended for specific situations, in which there is a greater weakness of the skin’s health.

Thus, it does not need to be the first option in cases of superficial or mild problems, such as a slight redness (which will soon give way to tan) or subtle dryness. In such cases, the use of a good moisturizer should be sufficient for the care.

On the other hand, when there is an intense burn or symptoms such as fever , nausea, strong indisposition, mental confusion etc., medical help should be sought .

What are worth for?

When the skin is overexposed to the sun and / or there is a lack of protection, UVB rays cause the blood vessels to dilate.

Consequently, in addition to leaving the red in the dermis, they activate the action of prostaglandin (chemical signals that, among other functions, affect blood pressure).

As a result, skin nerve cells become more sensitive and cause inflammation, which can lead to heat stroke. The most common symptoms are redness, burning, pain in the places affected by the burn and even the occurrence of fever.

In such cases, it is recommended to use products called “after-sun”. They serve to act in a soothing and anti-inflammatory manner in the sensitized areas, regenerating the dermis and relieving discomfort.

This is possible due to its composition, which has assets such as aloe vera and chamomile , plants with soothing properties that favor skin regeneration.

Thus, after-sun serves to restore dermal health and good appearance , significantly reducing the discomfort caused by the burn.

In some cases, it can also be associated with analgesic and anti-inflammatory medications, such as Ibuprofen .

It should also be associated with care such as increasing water consumption, which, for example, contributes to regulating body temperature (avoiding or decreasing fever).

What is the best after sun?

When choosing an after-sun you may be indecisive (a), after all, there are many alternatives of the same type of product. In addition, they all appear to be very similar and have the same indication.

Therefore, we have separated some options to help you in case you need to purchase one – check it out:


There are three versions of Caladryl after-sun available: lotion, aerosol and cream. All of them have calamine as the main active ingredient, this substance acts providing relief from the pain, burning and itching caused by sunburn.

It also promotes hydration of the dermis and an immediate sensation of freshness after application.

It is noteworthy that this product can be used by both children and adults. And to apply it is very easy: just clean the area with soap and water, giving preference to a cold bath, and then apply Caladryl to the affected area (s).

It is possible to buy in pharmacies or use online platforms, such as Consulta Remédios , which allows you to compare the value of the item in different stores and even deliver it directly to your home.

The price * of the different versions of Caladryl can be as follows:

  • Lotion – the package has 100mL and costs around R $ 28;
  • Aerosol – the package has 150mL and costs around R $ 22;
  • Cream – the package has 28g and costs around R $ 15.

* Prices consulted in December 2020. Prices may change.


Calamed after-sun has 3 main actives in its composition: calamine, aloe vera and camphor. Thus, its action is astringent , soothing and antiseptic for the skin, which is especially beneficial in cases of burns.

So, it can provide relief from discomfort such as itching and burning, in addition to favoring the regeneration of the dermis and a faster recovery.

It can be used from 3 years of age, and must be applied to properly cleaned skin.

It is available in 4 versions (lotion, gel, spray and aerosol), in the following price range *:

  • Lotion – the package is 100mL and can vary between R $ 7 and R $ 20;
  • Gel – the package is 120g and can vary between R $ 4 and R $ 12;
  • Spray – the package is 120g and costs around R $ 15;
  • Aerosol – the packaging is 150mL and can vary between R $ 12 and R $ 29.

* Prices consulted in December 2020. Prices may change.

Helioderm Suncare

Helioderm Suncare is a gel after-sun, which has 98% aloe vera in its composition. Therefore, it has a regenerating, reconditioning and soothing action for the skin.

Its formula is emollient and moisturizing, guaranteeing the softening of the burning sensation and the relief of the discomfort caused by sunburn. Still, favoring the recovery of the dermis.

The brand indicates that the product is hypoallergenic and that it can be used on all skin types, in addition to being fragrance-free and dermatologically tested.

And the price * of Helioderm Suncare in the 120g packaging can vary between R $ 20 and R $ 35.

* Prices consulted in December 2020. Prices may change.


The Sundown brand is very famous for its line of sunscreen. However, it also has a post-sun care product: Sundown Post-Sun Moisturizing Gel.

It aims to provide freshness and hydration to the dermis, based on the presence of aloe vera in its composition. Thus, favoring the regeneration and recovery of the skin after too much and / or unprotected exposure to the sun’s rays.

It should be applied preferably after bathing and can be used on all skin types .

The packaging is 130g and the price * can be between R $ 22 and R $ 30.

* Prices consulted in December 2020. Prices may change.

Can you put post-sun on your face?

Sunbathing on the face is not ideal under any circumstances, considering that the skin in this region is more sensitive. In addition, exposure to solar radiation can favor the appearance of spots, as well as premature skin aging.

Therefore, before doing any outdoor activity, going to the beach or the club, it is necessary to make use of facial sunscreen. And, of course, reapply as indicated by the product.

If you have any burns, stinging, excessive redness or flaking on the face, the use of after sun is not recommended. First, seek a dermatologist.

In this way, the professional will be able to indicate the appropriate care for your case, which should include products suitable for facial use. With this, also avoiding the appearance of problems such as acne , which can occur when using body products on the face.

Can a child use after sun?

-Yeah . When necessary, the little ones can make use of after-sun products. However, it is ideal to look for brands suitable for adult and pediatric use, or exclusively for children.

However, it is necessary to make it clear that skin care for children should be even greater than for adults. They also have greater fragility, and can easily suffer from burns, causing redness and burning.

In addition, they are more susceptible to heat stroke states. This condition commonly causes symptoms such as fever, headaches, dizziness , nausea and even mental confusion.

Therefore, considering the fragile organism of children, it is necessary to be very careful when taking them to practice some activity exposed to the sun.

There is no problem for children to be exposed to the sun, as long as their skin is always protected by a good sunscreen. But, when necessary, they can use an after sun.

Thus, after-sun would be an option only for cases of mild redness or small burning . In more severe cases, with severe discomfort (or heat stroke), medical help should be sought as soon as possible.

Which is better: moisturizer or after-sun?

The function of the after-sun is to provide a calming and anti-inflammatory action for the injured skin due to the effects of the sun’s rays. The moisturizer, on the other hand, aims to prevent water loss and, consequently, dry skin.

In this way, they are products with different proposals – there is no one better than the other .

Basically, the after sun will be indicated when it is necessary to relieve symptoms such as strong redness and burning in the skin, that is, more severe discomfort due to the burn.

In contrast, moisturizer is recommended daily, which includes whenever the skin is exposed to the sun. This is because this exposure can favor the loss of water and dryness of the dermis, leaving it cracked and causing discomfort such as itching and flaking.

Therefore, it corresponds to a care to preserve the good appearance of the skin. So, it cannot replace the after-sun, since it is not able to provide the same action.

Skin care should not only be at the time of exposure to the sun, but also afterwards. What can be done with a moisturizer or after-sun, depending on the needs.

This is important not only for maintaining the good appearance and especially the health of the skin .

If you want to follow more tips like this, keep following the Healthy Minute!

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