Review Diabet TX cream: is it good for those who have diabetes?

Care with skin hydration goes beyond aesthetics, as they serve to maintain the health of the entire body. This is because the dermis also acts as a protective barrier for the body.

Thus, taking some measures and establishing care routines is essential for this layer to be healthy and maintain its physiological function.

Creminhos, oils and good nutrition are some measures that, in general, are suitable for all people. However, sometimes, even with a lot of attention to the skin, other factors can impair good hydration, such as diseases or conditions capable of compromising the hydration of the body, as is the case with diabetes .

Patients, even when they control glycemic rates well, tend to suffer from dry and itchy skin. With that in mind, the cosmetic products market develops specific formulations for those who need some even more special care!

This is the case with Goicoechea’s Diabet TX cream, which promises intense protection and hydration for very dehydrated skin, and is also indicated for people with diabetes. Do you want to know more about the product and if it is worth it? Check out the review.


What is Diabet TX cream?

Diabe TX body cream is a product of Goicoechea. It is a cosmetic product, with high hydration and moisturizing power (which helps to retain water in the skin), being dermatologically tested and indicated for patients with diabetes.

According to the manufacturer, “it was developed for extremely dry skin, which has redness and flaking. That is why it is an ideal skin care product for diabetics. Its formula relieves the harshness caused by extreme dryness ”.

The packaging indicates that the cream is a cosmetic product, therefore, its action is more immediate. This does not mean that it has a small hydration effect, but that, in general, there are no risks of use and, therefore, there is no need for a medical prescription for purchase.

On the packaging, you can see the seal of approval from the National Diabetes Association (ANAD), ensuring that the Diabet TX cream has been dermatologically tested on people with diabetes. Therefore, opting for the product is an additional guarantee for those seeking quality and safety.

The Goicoechea brand has other lines and items for hydration, treatment or softening of stretch marks and cellulite, in addition to stimulating blood circulation, developing products since 1926.

But it is worth mentioning that Diabet TX, despite having an indication for people who suffer from dry skin due to diabetes, can also be used in other cases of roughness or poor skin hydration in those who do not have a diagnosis.

What is Diabet TX cream for?

Diabet TX body cream is indicated to moisturize those dermis affected by extreme dryness, which have itchiness, flaking or tenderness, especially when there is a diagnosis of diabetes.

This is because, in general, patients tend to find it more difficult to keep their skin well hydrated, even when they use creams several times a day.

The cream, as well as other moisturizers specially developed for those with diabetes, works with well-defined concentrations of each ingredient, avoiding potentially irritating components (such as high concentrations of urea).

Of course, every indication of products or treatments must be guided by doctors who take care of diabetes. But Diabet TX is a cosmetic cream, which means that its action is more punctual and immediate, without ingredients that need a medical prescription, for example.

As the cream has the seal of the National Diabetes Association (ANAD), being dermatologically tested on the skin of those who suffer from the disease, its use is also safer, reducing the risks of sensitivity or inefficiency of the product!

In general, Diabet TX is used to:

  • Ease the dryness immediately;
  • Keep the dermis hydrated;
  • Relieve roughness;
  • Soften peeling;
  • Relieve itching due to dehydration;
  • Calm the dermis;
  • Reduce risks of microlesions and infections resulting from dryness cracks;
  • Take care of the skin’s health, recovering the functional structure of protection of the dermis.

How to use the Goicoechea cream?

According to the packaging, the Diabet TX cream should be used between 3 and 4 times a day, always with clean skin. The use is the same as other moisturizers, being necessary to spread a sufficient amount through the dermis, making smooth and circular movements, until all the product is absorbed.

It is always interesting to talk to professionals who follow your case and ask for guidance on its use. It may be necessary to use the product at fixed times (every 4 hours, for example) or whenever your skin feels very dry and itchy.

Ah, just like any other moisturizing cream, the ideal is to dose the quantity: neither exaggerate, so that the product is not wasted, nor restrict too much, so that it is able to cover and moisturize the entire surface of the dermis properly.

The use is undetermined. In other words, you can apply the product every day, without restriction of time of use.

Composition of Diabet Tx cream: what is the formula?

According to the packaging information, the composition of Diabet TX is:

Aqua; paraffinum liquidum ; caprylic/capric triglyceride; glyceryl stearate; cetearyl alcohol; dimethicone; phenoxyethanol; cetyl alcohol; polyquartenium-7; peg-40 stearate; stearyl alcohol; Helianthus annuus seed oil ; carbomer; methylparaben; sodium cetearyl sulfate; arginine; CI77891; imidazolidinyl urea; triethanolamine; Zea mays oil; xantham gum; butylparaben; ethylparaben; Sesamum indicum seed oil; isobutylparaben; propylparaben; Macadamia ternifolia seed oil; Camelia sinensis leaf extract; Olea europaea fruit oil; Capsicum annuum fruit extract; allantoin, glucose, carrageenan.

Among the ingredients, some highlight properties that are very beneficial to skin care, such as:

  • Capsicum : stimulates blood circulation;
  • Allantoin : has a calming action and helps to protect the skin;
  • Caprylic / Capric Triglycerides : with emollient action, it retains water on the skin for a longer time.

It is worth mentioning that the moisturizer is a cosmetic product and does not replace treatment and other medical care.

Price: what is the value of Diabet TX cream and where to buy?

The body cream Diabet TX Goicoechea can be found in physical and online pharmacies. The price of the product may vary according to the region of purchase and store network, but you can find it for values ​​between R $ 25 and R $ 40 on the internet *.

On average, the values ​​that I actually found the product in physical stores were between R $ 30 and R $ 37 reais *.

* Prices consulted in March 2020. Prices may change.

To search and find the best price before closing your purchase, you can use the Price Comparison Consultations Remedies. In addition, you can buy the cream right there and receive it at home.

My impressions

I have diabetes since I was 11 years old and, in that time, I already used several different moisturizers, but generally the ones I bought were common products, without being indicated for people with diabetes.

In general, the products I used were very unsatisfactory, because even using several times a day, they kept my skin dry. Many brought indications for ultra dry skins or promised long hours and hydration, but I never got good results.

The dermis of my body, in general, does not cause me much trouble. My arms, back and face, for example, hardly show signs of intense dryness. Thus, any cream is enough to improve the situation.

However, the dermis of my leg and feet is extremely dry, showing those signs of scaling and very intense itching. In the region of the shin the calf, even using moisturizer, it is common to appear white scales, as if I had not applied a moisturizer in months!

Also, I have a tattoo on my calf. This is the best region to measure dryness, as the drawing (which is black) is very white and opaque.

Despite that, what actually made me resort to using Diabet TX was the itching. Because the dryness reached a level that caused itchy bouts in the middle of the night extremely intense, even using a lot of moisturizer before bedtime.

When I finally realized or woke up, I had already hurt my entire dermis. Gradually, this was causing inflamed pellets on my leg.

So I decided to use the product. My experience, perception and results I report below!


The smell of the product is not my favorite. For those who are used to those scented creams, it may be that Diabet TX is a little different. For me, the fragrance is also not similar to what I would call neutral, although it is not too bad.

The first time I used it, I confess that I found the smell strange, but it is not very sharp and does not persist in the skin, which is great. But, of course, it is far from a sweet, floral or soft fragrance of the most common moisturizers.



The texture of Diabet TX is very pleasant. Its consistency is not very liquid, but it is far from being dense. The product also does not resemble those oily or sticky creams.

The application is great and easy, as the texture allows it to be easily spread. The manufacturer’s suggestion is that it be spread with circular movements to facilitate absorption and stimulate circulation.

I believe that the texture makes a lot of difference at this time, as it is what allows these circular movements to be made without great efforts.

Spreadability and absorption

The spreadability is great! Some creams that I have used had a very dense appearance, which made it difficult to apply the product properly. Others, with a more liquid or oily consistency, never seemed to be absorbed, even though they were easier to spread.

Diabet TX spreads very easily over the skin, allows circular movements to be made and absorbs quickly. In fact, I liked it very much because it does not leave the skin surface with an oily or moist appearance (as if it were smeared).

Hydration and appearance on the skin

That was one of the points that I liked the product the most! After the first use, I noticed that my dermis was soft and hydrated. The cream had already been well absorbed and my skin was dry, but the softness was quite surprising.

Diabet TX recommends that the application be repeated at least 3 times throughout the day, maintaining the hydration of the dermis. But, even after a few hours of the last application, I still felt my skin protected and moisturized. The whitish and dry appearance decreased a lot, and on the second day I didn’t notice it anymore.

Ah, of course, the itch has reduced a lot! The intense attacks that I had during the night stopped, which allowed the wounds and inflammations to begin to heal.

But it is worth mentioning that, for me, his effect is temporary. The days I forgot to apply Diabet TX before bed I realized that the itch appeared again, much less intense, but still very uncomfortable!

Considering that the packaging indicates to use 3 to 4 times a day, there is no promise that the effects will be very prolonged. So the effects are still sensational!



Well, the package of Diabet TX that I bought is not, in fact, a portable version of the cream. It has 400mg and is quite large. Therefore, who wants to carry in the bag, Goicochea has a Diabet TX version for hands and elbows, with 50g.

Although it is not very simple to transport or store (since it is long and occupies a relative space), the packaging is practical because it has a pump, which facilitates the dosage of the amount of cream. In addition, it is made of plastic, which makes it lighter and more resistant compared to glass containers, for example.


Cost benefit

Diabet TX comes with 400mg, that is, it is a very big package! Although the recommendation is to use it between 3 and 4 times a day, the amount needed to moisturize the dermis is not very large.

With about 3 pumps I can apply it to an entire leg. Of course, if applications are made on the entire body, 4 times a day, it may be that these 400mg do not last long.

I have been using it for about 3 weeks and the amount of cream has not yet reached half, which makes it look very profitable. I confess that when I bought it, I found the value of the product a bit high, especially knowing that I would have to use it at least 3 times a day.

However, although not the cheapest cream from the pharmacy, it still has a very good value compared to famous cosmetic brands that promise deep hydration for very dry skin.

Considering that I use the product only on the legs and feet, which are the regions where my dermis suffers from intense dryness, and the result was really very good for me, the cost-benefit is advantageous!

I will definitely continue using it, as I can see the effects of hydration and itch relief, which was not always the case with other products for very dry skin.


Is Diabet Tx Cream Good? It works?

Yea! I have already used some creams for very dry skin and even so the results were not very satisfactory. Diabet TX, despite being a little more expensive compared to other more popular creams, has a really good result.

Of course, it is necessary to use it according to the recommendations, between 3 and 4 times a day. But I felt that my skin looked much more hydrated and soft since the first uses.

You can see the difference in the pictures below. In the first, I hadn’t applied it yet, in the second, you see the difference on the same days, about 4 hours after use:

Those whitish scales disappeared and the itch (which was what bothered me the most) was gone! I noticed that my feet were well hydrated too, and that without leaving the skin moist and sticky.

In this regard, the cream deserves even more prominence, as many moisturizers for extra dry skin leave it oily or slippery. This is very bad for those who are going to put on some shoes after applying the cream.

What, by itself, leaves a nuisance, can be even worse for those who have diabetes, since the smooth and slippery feet facilitate the injuries inside the sneaker, sneakers or boots, for example.

The cost-benefit ratio is very good, despite not being one of the cheapest moisturizers in the pharmacy. However the size is large and the yield is worth it. So, yes, for me Diabet TX works!

Why does diabetes dry out the skin?

Diabetes is a disease that affects more than 13 million people in Brazil alone, according to data from the Brazilian Diabetes Association. There are different types of the disease, some people need the use of injectable insulin and others only need food control or use of oral medications.

However, in general, what characterizes all types is the glycemic change in the body. That is, a dysfunction between the action or production of the hormone insulin and the maintenance of blood sugar levels.

As a result, the entire body can be affected, including blood vessels and the skin. It is quite common for those who have diabetes to notice the most dry skin and, especially over the years, with the slowest healing.

All of this makes the skin tissue very sensitive to diseases and infections. There are some factors involved in the dry and dehydrated characteristic of the diabetic dermis, and in general it is possible to mention:

  • Water imbalance : it is common, especially when there is hyperglycemia, that there is an excessive production of urine, which causes the body to lose water. Thus, the hydration of the skin is compromised, leaving the tissue more dry and fragile;
  • Alteration of the dermis proteins : people with diabetes may suffer alterations in the elasticity and thickness of the dermis, due to glycation processes (a reaction of glucose with the proteins of the skin).

In addition, circulation problems can mainly affect the extremities of the body, such as the feet. For this reason, so much is said about “diabetic foot”, because wounds (even small ones, resulting from a bruise made during an itchy crisis) can take time to heal and even evolve to infections.

With impaired circulation, in addition to nutrients and oxygen reaching the extremities with more difficulty, patients may gradually lose sensitivity. This makes it easier to cut, injure or hurt your feet and legs, without even realizing it.

Why can’t people with diabetes use urea?

Some common moisturizers, for very dehydrated skin, may have a high urea concentration (above 10%), which is not always indicated for people with diabetes, so the ingredient promotes a skin exfoliation. What may even sound beneficial in general, can be harmful when talking about diabetic skin.

In general, this skin tissue is very sensitive. Along with dehydration, an intense exfoliation can promote micro lesions or intensify tissue damage, causing or aggravating injuries and irritations.

Therefore, moisturizers should contain a maximum of 10% urea.

Tips for caring for the skin and feet of people with diabetes

If, like me, you have lived with diabetes for a few years, you have probably heard about the importance of taking good care of the skin as a whole and, more specifically, the feet. In addition to changes in dryness and dehydration, these precautions aim to maintain the integrity of the tissue, reducing the risk of infection.

It is worth remembering that high glycemic rates can compromise sensitivity, causing an injury to go unnoticed. With the difficulty in healing, which accompanies most people diagnosed, it is much easier for a cut to become a serious problem.

That was more or less what made me look for some more effective dryness cream. With the extreme itches on my skin, it happened several times that I scratched my dermis until I made small wounds. With slower healing, in addition to the repetition of the itch that reopens the wound, inflammation of the wounds occurred.

Therefore, some important skin care tips to prevent complications and keep it healthy and healthy include:

  • Use moisturizers recommended by experts. Dermato or endocrinologists may recommend an ideal cream, such as Diabet TX or another.
  • Drink water, as there is no use investing in moisturizer, since the biggest source of skin hydration comes from drinking water;
  • Take care of your diet, choosing more natural foods, rich in water and of low glycemic value;
  • Do physical activities, as this is important for circulation, which is directly related to the health of the dermis;
  • Beware of tight clothes and shoes, as skin lesions are not always felt and, when you notice, they have already become a wound;
  • Be careful when applying creams and oils that do not dry on your feet, as they can facilitate injuries and slips inside your shoes;
  • Take good care of wounds and bruises, avoiding the risk of inflammation or infection, as healing in people with diabetes is usually slower.

In addition, always follow medical guidelines and maintain adequate control of your blood glucose. This helps in the health of the whole body, reflecting on the skin too!

Taking care of your health is very important, especially when there are already some health problems, such as diabetes. Although the disease is a change in glycemic control, the whole body can be affected, from the circulation to the dermis.

It is quite common for patients with diabetes to have dry, flaking skin and severe itching. Thinking about the care and better quality of life of these people, products like Diabet TX offer deep hydration and balanced ingredients for healthier skin.

Want to know more health and wellness tips? The Healthy Minute has all the information!