See the benefits of physical activity for the body and mind

When it comes to physical exercise, it is common to hear about the many benefits that the practice provides to the body. If done regularly, physical activities can help strengthen bones and joints, control weight and also reduce levels of stress and anxiety .

Running , walking, swimming, cycling and doing yoga are examples of activities that, in addition to improving your physical health, also keep your mental health up to date.

So, it is precisely these benefits that we will talk about. So, in addition to well-being, you give some more benefits of moving the body.


Strengthens bones and joints

Physical activities are essential to strengthen the muscles and this is nothing new. But regular practice favors bone health as well. That’s because the exercises work and strengthen the tendons, which connect the muscles to the bones.

In addition, activities are important for the process of maintaining bone mineralization, which prevents loss of nutrients necessary for bone density.

That is, it slows and prevents diseases such as osteoporosis .

The joints are also moved, avoiding accelerated wear due to the lack of joint lubrication.

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Controls weight

Practicing physical activities is also essential for those who want to maintain or lose weight in a healthy way.

Before resorting to drastic measures and rigid diets, how about looking at physical exercises more carefully? They can be a great option to prevent the accumulation of fat.

And in that case there are no rules.

A few minutes a week, about 120, are enough to have benefits. In other words, a 30-minute walk, 3 times a week, already brings countless benefits to the scale.

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Improves heart health

The practice of physical exercises is also important to prevent cardiovascular diseases (diseases that affect the heart or blood vessels) such as stroke, diabetes and cardiac arrhythmia .

If done regularly, they can significantly decrease the chances of these diseases.

When practicing physical activities, your body is reducing blood pressure and glucose levels, not to mention that they help control weight and reduce risks to the heart due to excess body fat.

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Reduces stress

During physical activity, our body produces a substance called endorphin, which in general is the well-being hormone.

In this case, the most important thing is to look for some exercise that brings well-being above all. It can be a sport, dance, walk or go to the gym.

The rule is to combine something pleasurable with the rhythmic movement of the body.

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Physical exercises are always good allies for those who want to live healthily. And you don’t necessarily need to spend time and money on it.

20 to 30 minutes a day of any physical activity is enough to start experimenting with new habits and also to avoid some health problems.

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