Autoimmunity: the body attacks the body’s own cells

Autoimmunity happens due to a failure in the immune system that cannot differentiate invaders from their own healthy cells, organs and tissues. In some cases, it affects the blood, bones, joints and muscles. The disease has no cure.

Autoimmunity is not a cause of disease in most cases, but there are several types of diseases that can trigger it, the best known being lupus , type 1 diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis .



One of the main factors of autoimmune disease is heredity, but not all people who are predisposed to the disease are necessarily affected by this problem.


Symptoms may vary. But the most common are:  tiredness , malaise, fever , even reddish patches on the skin, feeling of fatigue and pain in the joints.


The finding can be made from the symptoms felt and exams performed, after the visit to the doctor.


As this disease can affect any part of the body, the forms of treatment can be varied. In order to reduce and control the immune system, procedures may include vitamin and hormonal supplements, as well as corticosteroid and non-steroidal substances.


Some factors can favor the appearance of autoimmunity, such as stress , tobacco, birth control pills, frequent infections and even excessive consumption of coffee.