Alzheimer’s can cause problems in memory and vision

Alzheimer’s is a disease that impairs neurological functions, causing recent memory loss. Concentration, as well as learning and communication are also affected. Considered neuro-degenerative, it gradually incapacitates the patient.

Some factors may be related to the development of the disease: age, sex, (the highest incidence of the disease in women), family history, down syndrome and head trauma.


Common symptoms

Certain signs can be noticed in people who start to present the disease: change in personality, poor memory, visual and location difficulties.

When the disease starts to progress, other symptoms can be seen, such as: speech problems, irritability,  insomnia and fecal and urinary incontinence.


There is no specific exam to diagnose the disease. Exams for exclusion of other possible diseases, psychological tests and evaluation of the patient and family history are carried out. Still, the diagnosis is not 100% guaranteed.


The disease still has no cure. Treatment with therapy, physiotherapy and psychotherapy only helps to minimize the problems caused by it.