Fatty plaques in the arteries can cause atherosclerosis

Considered a coronary heart disease, atherosclerosis happens due to the narrowing of blood vessels. The problem affects the ability to supply oxygen and blood to the heart and needs treatment.


The problem occurs due to the accumulation of cholesterol and fatty substances in the coronary artery walls. With that, the blood flow to the heart ends up decreasing or even being interrupted.

Advanced age, family history, smoking , diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and obesity are some of the risk factors for the disease.


The main sign of atherosclerosis is pain in the chest or below the chest. In spite of this, other symptoms can also be presented: severe pain in the arms, belly and upper back. It can appear during some activity or in moments of emotion, and it can disappear shortly thereafter.


The diagnosis includes tests such as: blood tests, x-ray , echocardiogram , angiography and physical tests.


Treatment may vary depending on each case. Beta-blocking medications and diuretics may be prescribed by the doctor.

Surgical procedures, such as angioplasty and bypass surgery, may also be indicated in some cases.


Avoiding a sedentary lifestyle, stress , tobacco, as well as taking care of food often can be simple and essential tips for not suffering from the problem.