Who has a tattoo can donate blood?

To donate blood, you must wait at least 12 months after the last tattoo . According to the Ministry of Health, this is a period of security, as the donor may have contracted some virus during the session with the tattoo artist.

So, if he donates blood, he can transmit the infectious agent together.

That is, whoever has a tattoo can donate, just follow the guidance of the health entity.

For those who are already donors or intend to donate blood, just plan to donate before the tattoo! Thus, you can draw on the skin and also help those in need.

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Why can’t someone with a recent tattoo donate blood?

The 12 months of waiting, indicated by the health agencies, are a precautionary period.

Even if the tattoo is done in a safe studio and follows the asepsis procedures, it is still possible to have some contagion, for example, by the hepatitis virus or HIV .

In such cases, it is possible that the agent is incubated for a long time and does not show symptoms. In other words, it may happen that the person takes too long to know that he is infected.

After 12 months, it is more likely that the organism has already eliminated viruses or fought possible diseases, or that the agents have manifested themselves.

In addition, guidance also applies to permanent makeup, such as eyebrow pigmentation, or piercing placement.

But, in the case of piercing, if it is placed in oral or vaginal mucosa, the person will only be able to donate after 12 months after removing the piercing.

That is, if you are using it, you cannot be a donor.

Can tattooed people donate organs or bone marrow?

Yes , but with reservations as well.

In the case of organ donation after the donor’s death, it is not always simple to know when the tattoo was performed. Therefore, doctors question family members.

But if there is any doubt, the potential donor is discarded so as not to run the risk of infecting the recipient.

For the bone marrow, the procedure is the same for those who want to donate blood, requiring the patient to wait 1 year after the tattoo.

Some cases can be discussed and considered before 12 months of the last tattoo.

For example, when bone marrow donation is related (there is kinship, for example, brother) and there is no other donor available in the family.

But only the professional will be able to tell if the donation is safe and what the risks and benefits are.

What are the criteria for donating blood?

It is important that some measures are adopted. Food is among them, because, although you don’t need to be fasting, avoid fatty foods. If you are going to donate after lunch or a heavier meal, wait about 2 hours.


  • Be in good health;
  • Minimum weight of 50kg;
  • Be between 16 and 69 years old;
  • Have slept well (at least 4 hours in the last 24 hours);
  • Be well fed;
  • Present original document with photo issued by official agency (RG).

People over 60 can only donate if they have already donated blood before that age.

Donating blood is a simple, quick and life-saving act. So it is important to clear up any doubts on this subject.

Blood donation can help improve the health and lives of many people.

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