Tandrilax: can it hurt? See how long it takes effect

According to data from the Ministry of Health, thousands of Brazilians suffer from rheumatic diseases . Contrary to what some people think, rheumatism does not correspond to a pathology, but to a group that covers more than 100 diseases.

These conditions mainly affect the joints, cartilage, bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons. Thus, causing symptoms such as pain, stiffness, limited movement and redness (or heat) in the affected area.

Unfortunately, there is no cure for rheumatic disease, since the cause is linked to genetic factors or natural tissue wear.

However, there are several treatments to relieve symptoms and improve the quality of life of patients. Among these is the use of anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs, such as Tandrilax . Check out and understand more about this remedy:


What is Tandrilax?

The drug Tandrilax is classified by ANVISA (National Health Surveillance Agency) as anti-inflammatory and also has analgesic and muscle relaxant action .

This is made possible by the following active substances in its composition: Caffeine, Carisoprodol, Diclofenac sodium and Paracetamol.

Thus, according to the package insert, the indication of the drug is to treat rheumatic diseases (such as osteoarthritis and osteoporosis ). In addition, it can also be prescribed as a complementary therapy in cases of severe inflammatory processes (caused by infection).

Its use is restricted to the oral route, being marketed only in the tablet presentation.

Although it is a well-known medication, it is a remedy classified in the red stripe, which means that it should only be purchased by prescription.

It should be noted that Tandrilax is not indicated for pregnant women, lactating women and people allergic to the composition (or other non-hormonal anti-inflammatory drugs).


According to the information on the package insert, Tandrilax has the following composition:

Active substance Amount (mg)
Caffeine 30mg
Carisoprodol 125mg
Diclofenac sodium 50mg
Paracetamol 300mg

In addition, the package insert also informs the excipients used in the composition: starch, microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate, crospovidone, yellow dye FDC No. 6 aluminum lacquer, silicon dioxide and dibasic calcium phosphate dihydrate.

These correspond to substances that are mixed with the drugs (active substances) to complete the mass or volume of the medication.

What is Tandrilax indicated for?

The medication Tandrilax, according to the package insert, can be indicated as an adjunct to severe inflammatory processes (resulting from infectious conditions).

However, its main indication is for the treatment of rheumatic diseases : chronic conditions that affect the joints, cartilage, bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons.

Therefore, the drug can be prescribed for use in cases of diseases such as:

  • Fibromyalgia;
  • Rheumatoid arthritis;
  • Bursite;
  • Gout;
  • Tendinitis;
  • Lupus;
  • Arthrosis (osteoarthritis).

These diseases are not caused by traumas or injuries, but they arise from tissue and bone wear – or, even, they can appear as an autoimmune condition, when the defense cells start to attack healthy tissues for no apparent reason.

It is not uncommon for rheumatism to be related, also, to hereditary / genetic factors.

Symptoms range from local pain to limited movement, which is due to the stiffness caused by the inflammation (caused by rheumatic disease).

This is the reason why Tandrilax can be prescribed for treatment, as it has anti-inflammatory action. It inhibits the production of cytokines (substances part of the inflammatory process) and helps to stem the progression of the disease as it minimizes inflammation.

Also, due to its analgesic action, it provides relief from local and generalized pain.

What is the difference between Tandrilax and Torsilax?

Torsilax is the reference medicine, with Tandrilax being classified as “ new ”. In this sense, from the analysis of the information present in the package insert, both remedies have the same indication, route of administration and action in the organism.

Therefore, Tandrilax is a remedy that can replace Torsilax , as long as there is a medical or pharmaceutical indication.

That’s because both have the same active ingredients: Caffeine, Carisoprodol, Diclofenac Sodium and Paracetamol – in exactly the same concentration.

Regarding the indication, as mentioned, it also remains the same. That is, both are indicated for the treatment of rheumatic conditions: arthritis , lupus , tendonitis, etc.

Therefore, the difference in medications is restricted to the classification at Anvisa, being a reference and a new one, as well as the person responsible for the production of the medication (Tandrilax is from Aché laboratory and Torsilax from Neo Química).

It is noteworthy that, despite these factors, one should not use the drugs together or replace one with the other without prior medical guidance.

Difference between reference, similar and generic medicine

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Dosage: how to take?

The Tandrilax package insert contains the information that the recommended minimum daily dose is 1 tablet every 12 hours. As for the maximum, there is an indication not to exceed the intake of 1 tablet every 8 hours, that is, it is restricted to 3 daily doses.

However, who will determine the doses and treatment time will be the doctor, taking into account the individual situation of each patient, adapting as needed.

In this sense, the priority will always be to administer the lowest effective dose possible. In addition, the package insert recommends that therapy with Tandrilax not last for more than 10 days, except in specific cases (will be analyzed by the doctor).

Still, it is worth noting that the medicine should not be broken or chewed , and should be taken with a meal and with the help of a liquid – preferably water.

How long does Tandrilax take effect?

According to the efficacy information presented in the package insert, the drug Tandrilax usually takes effect between 1 and 6 hours after use . This variation can occur according to the severity of the condition being treated and the patient’s sensitivity to the medicine.

In that sense, some people may experience symptom relief faster than others.

Although the effects are noticeable in a few hours, it is still necessary to follow the medical guidelines regarding the time of treatment. Considering that Tandrilax is indicated to treat rheumatism (chronic condition), it is common for the use to last for a few days.

Is it bad to take Tandrilax? Does it have a side effect?

Any medication can be harmful or harmful if used improperly and without medical advice. Or, even cause side effects (common or not to the use of the medicine).

In this sense, the package insert for Tandrilax indicates that the following adverse reactions may occur:

  • Increased liver enzymes;
  • Headache (headache);
  • Dizziness, tremors;
  • Insomnia;
  • Gastrointestinal bleeding, gastrointestinal perforation, gastrointestinal ulcers;
  • Diarrhea, indigestion, constipation, flatulence, abdominal pain;
  • Nausea, vomiting, heartburn (heartburn);
  • Retention of body fluids, edema (swelling);
  • Rash, itching (itching);
  • Facial edema;
  • Anemia;
  • Coagulation disorders;
  • Broncoespasmo;
  • Rhinitis;
  • Buzz;
  • Fever and viral disease.
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Of these, the package leaflet for the drug only points to the increase in liver enzymes as a very common reaction – it occurs in 1 in 10 people who use the medicine.

It should be noted that the medicine can be harmful if used in cases of contraindication.

According to the package insert, Tandrilax is not recommended for pregnant women, lactating women and people allergic to the composition (or other non-hormonal anti-inflammatory drugs). In addition, it should not be associated with alcoholic drinks and central nervous system (CNS) depressant drugs.

Do you sleep?

In general, no . Drowsiness is listed in the Tandrilax package insert as an unusual side effect, so that the average manifestation of this reaction is between 1 in 100 people and 1 in 1000 people.

In contrast, another sleep disorder is listed as common: insomnia . Therefore, there is a greater chance of having difficulty sleeping than the other way around. This factor may be related to the presence of caffeine in the medication formula, as it is a central nervous system (CNS) stimulant and contributes to mental alertness.

But its role in the composition of Tandrilax is not exclusively to combat drowsiness (which can be caused by the substance Carisoprodol, for example). It also contributes to its action against muscle pain and fatigue , common in cases of rheumatism.

Finally, it should be noted that, regardless of whether the adverse reaction is considered common or unusual, it is always necessary to inform the doctor about it. In some cases, medication can be replaced or doses changed, for example.

Price and where to buy

Tandrilax can be purchased in pharmacies (physical store or online) and also through platforms such as Consulta Remédios . This portal makes it possible to compare the price of the same product in different pharmacies, in order to guarantee the purchase at the best value.

In general, the price * for Tandrilax varies between R $ 9 and R $ 18 (box with 15 pills).

However, it is also possible to find similar, similar interchangeable and generic versions with the same formulation. Check out some options and their prices *:

  • Torsilax (similar interchangeable) – the box with 12 pills costs between R $ 3 and R $ 12;
  • Mioflex A (similar interchangeable) – the box with 12 pills is between R $ 15 and R $ 20;
  • Caffeine + Carisoprodol + Diclofenac Sodium + Paracetamol Eurofarma (generic) – the box with 15 tablets varies between $ 5 and $ 13;
  • Infralax (similar) – the box with 15 pills is between R $ 5 and R $ 18;
  • Flexalgin (similar) – the box with 15 pills costs around R $ 10.

It is worth mentioning that these remedies can also be made available in boxes with more or less pills, which can cause a change in value.

* Prices consulted in October 2020. Prices may change.

Need a recipe?

-Yeah . Tandrilax is a red- streaked medication , this means that there are risks in its use and that a prescription and medical monitoring is necessary during treatment.

In some cases, the prescription for red-stripe drugs may be retained at the pharmacy, as is the case with antibiotic and psychiatric drugs (such as antidepressants).

However, there are times when the prescription is only checked by the pharmacist. The difference is in the description of the label on the medicine box and at the end of the package leaflet: if it says “ it can only be sold with a prescription retention ”, it is a medication that needs the prescription to stay with the pharmacy. Otherwise, no.

The goal is to control people who have access to these medications, considering that the risks involved may be related to side effects, contraindications, dependence or development of other complications on the part of the patient.

It is worth noting, however, that the self-medication is not recommended – even for the use of drugs that do not require prescription presentation at the time of purchase.

What is the generic name of Tandrilax?

The Torsilax remedy is the reference version of Tandrilax (classified as new ), therefore, the laboratory that produces it has the original formula of the remedy. This is made available after the patent period (exclusivity) for other laboratories to create similar and generic versions.

Therefore, the generic version is produced from the original formula: that of Torsilax.

Unlike similar or interchangeable similar ones, generic drugs cannot have a commercial name. Then, they are sold with the name of the active ingredient accompanied by the name of the person who produces it.

In the case of Tandrilax, the generic is from the Eurofarma laboratory. Thus, it is marketed by the name: Caffeine + Carisoprodol + Diclofenac Sodium + Paracetamol Eurofarma .

Which is better: Tandrilax or Mioflex A?

The medicine Mioflex A is an interchangeable similar and Tandrilax is classified as new. However, both attested to the same efficacy and effect of the reference medicine (Torsilax) – that is, they have the same action in the body, via administration and composition.

Thus, the indication of both remedies is aimed at the treatment of rheumatism and the form of use is the same: oral tablet.

In this sense, there is no one better than the other , both act in the same way. So, the difference is restricted to the classification and the person responsible for the production of the medicines, with Mioflex A from Cosmed laboratory and Tandrilax from Aché laboratory.

Still, although one drug can be replaced by another, it is not recommended to make the switch (or use it jointly) without first seeking medical advice and assistance.

Always try to know all the information before using a medication and do not forget that self-medication is never recommended, seek professional guidance. That way, you don’t put your health at risk and ensure proper treatment.

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