Does Dramin sleep? See how long the effect lasts

The Dramamine is a medication used to combat nausea, dizziness and vomiting. It can also be used as a way to prevent these complications.

This drug can cause several side effects such as headache , skin blemishes, blurred vision and irritability.

But the most famous side effect of Dramin is drowsiness and temporary sedation.

This is because it contains substances that act directly on the central nervous system.

Although it is a medication that does not need to be kept at the pharmacy, it is always recommended to consult a professional before using it. Remembering that self-medication is a practice that can bring harm to your health.

How many hours does Dramin sleep?

Dramin has effects that last for up to 8 hours (presentation in tablets) or 6 hours (presentation in drops or gel) .

Side effects, including drowsiness, start to manifest after 30 minutes after ingestion.

Age can also influence side effects:

In babies and children

If presented as a tablet, it should not be used by children under 12 years of age. The solution in drops also has age restriction, being safe from 2 years.

Unless recommended by a pediatrician, this medication is contraindicated for children under 2 years old.  

In children between 2 and 12 years old, Dramin in drops is recommended, which is less concentrated and has a side effect of less duration (about 6 hours).


Factors such as previous tiredness , stress and insomnia problems tend to alter the duration of the effects (which can be prolonged or reduced).

Between 12 and 60 years, the use of Dramin can be done by presentation in drops or tablets.


Elderly people generally feel less sleepy. At this stage, it is common for them to look for alternatives to sleep longer or with better quality.

However, Dramin should not be used to treat insomnia.

People over 60 years old can use the drug to treat vertigo and vomiting, in doses indicated for adults.

It is worth remembering that if the elderly person already has problems with drowsiness or mental confusion, it is recommended that the medication be used with the supervision of a responsible person to avoid falls and injuries.

Does Dramin give you heavy sleep?

Yes. Therefore, this medicine should not be consumed before driving, operating machinery or performing tasks that may pose risks. 

Dramin must also not be consumed with alcoholic beverages. In addition, its effects can be canceled out by antidepressant drugs, antibiotics and sedatives (drug interactions).

How to cut Dramin’s sleep?

Scientifically, there is no proven formula to cut the sleep effect of Dramin. The ideal is to wait for the body to process and eliminate the medication. Thus, the adverse effects are decreasing.

What you can do is try to reduce sleep with these tips:

  • During the effect, consume stimulating foods (such as chocolates and coffee);
  • Take short naps (15 minutes);
  • Stimulate the senses (for example, listen to music or talk to someone).

Dramin is a sleepy medicine that can cause other side reactions like headache and skin blemishes.

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