Dog itch remedy: check types and indications

Itching in the dog appears, in general, as a symptom of different conditions ( scabies , fleas , allergies , etc.). It causes great discomfort to the animal and should not be seen as something common.

When it appears, it is an alert for another problem that may be happening. So, it is always necessary to accompany a (a) veterinarian to discover its origin.

In the sequence, you can better understand which diseases can cause itchiness in the dog and which medicine to treat each one of them. Check out:


What can itch the dog?

Unlike what many people think, itchy dogs are not always a sign of fleas, although this is also a very common cause.

However, several other factors can prove this discomfort in the animal and to know for sure what is happening, it is essential to seek the help of a veterinarian.

In this way, it will be possible to obtain a correct diagnosis, considering that each problem needs a specific treatment. In this sense, some of the most common causes are:

  • Scabies – this disease is caused by a mite and makes the dog very itchy and shed, causing sores throughout the body;
  • Otitis – when the dog has otitis, it usually scratches the ear a lot. This disease is very common and is caused by microorganisms that install mainly due to humidity;
  • Allergic reactions – just like humans, pets can also be allergic to food, plants, etc. What can cause skin reaction and itching;
  • Atopic dermatitis – this is a hereditary disease, considered a severe allergy and that causes a lot of irritation and itching of the skin. In general, it manifests itself when the dog has contact with dust, mites and even stronger cleaning products;
  • Seborrhea – occurs due to a problem in the sebaceous glands (they filter the sebum from the skin) of dogs, it can be hereditary or appear in isolation. This disease causes sores, red spots and itching.

What remedy for itchy dogs?

As mentioned, each situation requires different treatment. Some are faster and even in a single dosage, while others can last up to weeks.

In addition, just as self-medication is not suitable for humans, it will also not do well for your little friend. Therefore, before buying any medication, seek a vet.

Following, you can check some options that can be prescribed by the professional according to different cases:


The dermatitis canine is a kind of allergy severe and usually the cause is related to hereditary factors.

This condition tends to manifest when the dog has contact with dust, mites and even stronger cleaning products – which can vary between each animal.

The main symptom is skin irritation, which causes a lot of itching. Consequently, the dog tends to look for ways to relieve the discomfort, so that by scratching incessantly it can cause sores .

So, the ideal is to get a vet and treat the itch as soon as possible. However, when this is not done, be sure to seek professional help to treat the injuries, as they cannot develop into infections.

In this sense, some medications used to treat itching and sores are:

  • Zoetis Dermatological Apoquel for Dogs;
  • Anti-Inflammatory Virbac Cortavance Spray;
  • Anti-inflammatory Ourofino Dermotrat Creme .


Just like humans, different things can cause allergies in pets . So, it is common for symptoms such as itching, rashes, redness of the skin, etc. to appear.

That way, if your little friend gets itchy excessively, notice if there are any of the other associated symptoms. Then, the ideal is to seek help from a veterinarian (a) to seek to know the origin of the allergy – in order to solve the problem and prevent its recurrence.

Most of the time, the professional recommends treatment with an antihistamine (allergy medicine). However, in specific situations, other care or complementary treatment may be necessary, especially in cases of food allergy.

But, among the drugs commonly used in the case of canine allergy are:

  • Alergovet Coveli for Compressed Dogs and Cats;
  • Meticorten MSD Tablets;
  • Dermotrat Spray OuroFino.


It is not new that fleas cause a lot of discomfort to pets and, depending on the severity, they can even cause injuries to the dog’s body due to the incessant itching.

The ideal is always to carry out a routine follow-up with a trusted veterinarian, so that the puppy is up to date with the fleas. So, avoiding this kind of problem.

However, when it happens that the dog has fleas, some remedies can be indicated:

  • Capstar fleas ;
  • Revolution fleas 12% ;
  • Fleas for Dogs Bravecto ;
  • Credeli .


The ear is a very sensitive region and very susceptible to bacteria and fungi. To prevent it, it is very important to maintain good hygiene and take care with traces of water in your puppy’s ear.

This can occur, mainly, at the time of the animal’s bath. So, if you bathe at home, try to avoid water in this region and when drying, make sure it is not damp.

If you have the habit of sending your pet to bathe in another place, always opt for a trustworthy establishment. If necessary, reinforce your ear care.

When the dog has otitis , it feels very uncomfortable and one of the main symptoms is itching in the ear (in order to try to relieve the pain).

Therefore, if you notice your little friend with this mania, seek a vet.

With the correct diagnosis, he / she will be able to prescribe the appropriate treatment – it usually includes medicines for local use (application in the ear), such as:

  • Natalene ;
  • Otoguard ;
  • Otomax MSD;
  • Otolin UCB Vet.

When necessary, the veterinarian can also recommend a medication with anti-inflammatory and / or analgesic action, to help relieve pain.


Scabies is a disease transmitted by a mite and, in general, leaves the dog very itchy and shedding. In addition, it causes wounds throughout the body, causing great discomfort for the pet.

Therefore, if you notice these changes in your dog, seek help from a veterinarian as soon as possible. In these cases, it tends to be necessary to treat with medications such as:

  • Tiuran Spray;
  • Solution Sarnicida Duprat Tiuran;
  • Sarnicida Coveli Tetisarnol in Spray;
  • Cephalexin.

In addition, it is also common that the dog needs specific products for bath time, such as medicated shampoos and soaps.

What to do when the dog scratches his ear a lot?

When the dog scratches the ear a lot, it can be a symptom of otitis (in some cases, there is also secretion). It is an ear infection, which is usually caused by poor hygiene in the ear or moisture in the region. In this case, one should always seek veterinary assistance for diagnosis.

That’s because Otitis is an infection that needs drug treatment, as mentioned in the previous topic.

In addition, it causes a lot of pain and discomfort to the pet. So, the sooner you start the correct treatment, the better it will be for your partner.

Home remedy for itchy dog: how to do? It works?

Home remedies can be an option to relieve the dog’s itchiness in some cases, when made with ingredients that have calming properties (such as lemongrass and lavender).

However, this should never replace veterinary monitoring. As mentioned, itching is usually a symptom of another problem, which often lacks drug treatment.

Thus, the home remedy can act only as a complementary care.

In this sense, it is worth asking the veterinarian for help in choosing one that is safe and does not harm the health of your little friend.

One option, for example, is to use chamomile tea when bathing the dog. You can make 1L of tea and let it cool.

Then, after washing your little friend with soap and water, remove the excess water and apply the chamomile tea in the regions where he usually has itching. If it is widespread, you can apply it all over the dog’s body (let it dry naturally).

Due to the calming properties of this herb, it is possible that your little friend will feel relief.

It is worth mentioning that you should avoid the use of perfumed shampoos, which can cause sensitivity to the puppy. In addition, it is worth brushing the hair to remove those that fall and do not come off the body, which can cause itching.