Remedy for cat fleas: veterinary and homemade options

It is very common for cats to have a habit of strolling outside their homes, that is, they are not trapped in the domestic environment. Some even go days without returning home.

Although it is not uncommon, it exposes the cat to some risks and makes it more susceptible to diseases or pests – such as ticks and fleas .

It is important to keep your pet protected and look for ways to treat this type of problem soon. Thinking about it, below, you can see some ways to prevent and treat fleas in cats:

Remedy for cat fleas

Having a pet at home requires care, especially with regard to health. Therefore, taking preventive measures such as vaccination and use of fleas is essential to preserve your pet’s well-being .

In the case of parasites, such as fleas, not only cause discomfort to the pet (itching, sores, etc.) but can also cause diseases.

Therefore, it is always best to opt for measures that aim to avoid this problem. When consulting a veterinarian, you can follow his / her recommendation as to the best way to do this in the case of your cat.

This is because there are different options for anti-flea means (both preventive and treatment). Check out some of the options:


However, to find out more precisely, seek guidance from the veterinarian. What is important, too, considering the fact that some medications may vary with respect to the weight or specific conditions of the animal – such as pregnancy.

Diseases caused by fleas in cats

As mentioned, in addition to the common annoyances caused by fleas (itching, irritability, shedding, etc.), they can also cause disease in cats.

A verminosis that can easily be contracted by the cat with fleas is that which occurs from the worm Dipylidium caninum . This disease is contracted by the cat by licking and ingesting the flea infected by this agent.

The condition is easily noticeable, since the worm resembles rice grains when found in the cat’s feces, in the fur or actively exiting the anus. It can cause symptoms ranging from itchiness in the region and even lead to seizures .

Another problem that can affect the pet is stress and even feline depression . This can occur due to the great discomfort that this pest causes to the cat, sometimes even hindering its ordinary movement.

Remedy for puppy cat flea

Administering medications to cats is usually not very simple. In addition, even with all the care, these animals are more sensitive and do not tolerate any product, which is even more critical when they are still young.

Thus, the first essential step is to have the help of a professional, thus allowing special and correct care for your pet .

Among the flea options available on the market, few are those that allow use in puppies early in life. In this sense, we can highlight the Frontline Flea and Tick Spray, which can be used on cats from 2 days of life .

It is worth mentioning that, considering the greater fragility of the animal, following the guidelines of the veterinarian and the package insert is essential to avoid any complications.

Is there a home remedy for cat fleas?

Some people like to have home care alternatives. However, it must be borne in mind that any home remedy or treatment serves only as a complement to traditional therapies.

Even so, it is necessary to seek guidance from the vet to choose something that is safe and will not harm your cat.

One must consider the fact that these animals tend to be more sensitive , this includes the skin. In this way, many products or ingredients that seem harmless, could trigger allergic reactions or other complications.

In general, there is no home remedy to eliminate fleas. What can be decided, together with the professional, are alternatives that help to relieve the symptoms of fleas.

For example, itching is undoubtedly the most common nuisance. Therefore, recipes with soothing ingredients (such as lemon balm, lavender or chamomile) can be used to alleviate this complication.

As long as the entire process is done properly, following the necessary care.

It is worth mentioning that, especially when it comes to puppies, this care must be doubled and home remedies must be avoided even more – considering the fragility of the animals’ organism.

What is the cheap remedy for cat fleas?

The price of the remedy for cat fleas can vary according to different criteria, especially its type and the brand in question. In addition to issues such as product availability or the region in which you want to purchase the medicine.

To help you get a sense of the price margin, we have separated some options:


The Elanco brand is responsible for marketing Comfortis fleas. This medication is of the chewable tablet type and is available in versions that vary according to the weight of the animal – they are:

  • Comfortis 140mg (cats 1.4kg to 2.8kg) – the box with 1 pill costs around R $ 40;
  • Comfortis 560mg (cats 5.5kg to 11kg) – the box with 1 pill costs around R $ 50.

Although the value is not so low, it should be noted that 1 dose is equivalent to 30 days of protection against fleas.


Virbac is responsible for the commercialization of the Effipro fleas, available in a pipette and also a spray version (both for topical use).

With regard to prices, Effipro in pipette can vary between R $ 25 and R $ 45. Its spray version (100mL), can vary between R $ 80 and R $ 100.

It is worth mentioning that there is also a 250mL spray packaging available that can reach up to around R $ 150.


The Frontline brand sells a drug that acts as fleas and ticks, promising efficacy in the treatment. Check the prices of the two versions:

  • Frontline Plus Fleas and Ticks ( pipette ) – the single dose package is around R $ 50;
  • Fleas and Ticks Frontline ( spray ) – the 100mL package can vary from R $ 90 to R $ 120.


The Revolution brand is responsible for a medicine that acts to fight fleas and ticks, available for topical use in packs of 1 or 3 pipettes. There is also product variation depending on the cat’s weight. Check the price of each one:

  • Revolution Fleas 6% 15mg (cats up to 2.5kg ) – the package with 1 pipette is around R $ 70 and the one with 3 pipettes can cost up to R $ 180;
  • Revolution Fleas 6% 15mg (cats from 2.6kg to 7.5kg ) – the package with 1 pipette is around R $ 50 and the one with 3 pipettes can reach up to R $ 140.