Motion sickness can disappear over time

Motion sickness, as the disease is also known, can cause symptoms such as dizziness , pallor, malaise, nausea, excessive sweating and loss of balance. The problem usually affects women and children aged 2 to 12 years.



The brain usually gets into conflict when trying to process the various sound and visual stimuli received at once, a fact that can trigger several unpleasant symptoms.


Some medications can be used to mitigate the implications of this disease, such as Dramin¹ or  Buscopan² . However, the most advisable is to seek medical attention.


  • Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol or stimulants;
  • Avoid reading in vehicles that are moving;
  • Take short breaks while traveling;
  • Make the place more ventilated;
  • Try to lie down or keep your eyes closed;
  • Do not eat too much before you travel.

Dramin¹: is used both for pregnancy and for people with motion sickness.

Buscopan²: antispasmodic used to relieve abdominal pain and discomfort.

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