Is it normal to menstruate twice a month? What can it be?

Many women menstruate 2 times a month at some point in their lives. This can happen due to several factors such as hormonal problems, contraceptives and even stress .

Polycystic ovary syndrome and recovery from surgery (such as tubal ligation ) are also some factors related to the onset of menstruation outside the cycle.

Treatment of benign tumors (fibroids) can also cause two bleeds in the same month.

In that case, if bleeding happens frequently (for more than 2 months in a row) the doctor should be advised and may prescribe another form of treatment.


When is it normal to have your period twice in the same month?

The onset of menstruation twice a month commonly occurs with women who have short menstrual cycles, that is, less than 28 days in duration.

For example, if menstruation came on the 1st and this woman’s menstrual cycle lasts 25 days, she will be menstruating again on the 25th day of that same month. This is normal.

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In general, these irregularities should only be of concern if they happen frequently or last for many days.

Non-menstrual pains, odors and abnormal staining in menstrual blood are also warning signs that something is not right.

In these situations, menstruating twice a month can be a sign of other complications, such as diseases and appearances and nodules in the female reproductive system.

When you notice changes in the body, or if in doubt, consult a gynecologist.

It is important for the woman to monitor her menstrual cycle and know details such as duration and symptoms, as this can help identify abnormalities and know when to see a doctor.

I menstruated twice a month and now I’m late: when will I menstruate again?

First of all, each woman has her menstrual cycle and as several factors can interfere with regularity, there is not exactly how to know.

Therefore, it may be that menstruation will come normally, as expected, or not.

Factors such as stress, breastfeeding, use of drugs or contraceptive methods, lack of or excess nutrition, insufficient sleep and hormonal problems can contribute to menstruation having unruly cycles.

Therefore, the most recommended is to consult a gynecologist who will be able to analyze what was the reason for the menstruation to come down twice and make estimates of when the next one will come.

Is it normal to menstruate twice a month taking birth control pills?

Yes. The use of contraceptive methods such as contraceptive drugs and IUDs can influence the cycle and cause the onset of double menstruation in the same month.

Contraceptive (pill and injection)

The use of contraceptives can trigger hormonal variations causing the woman to menstruate twice in the same month.

For example, progesterone and estrogen are hormones present in contraceptives and capable of causing abnormal bleeding.

These drugs can also cause the so-called “bleeding from the escape”.

Although bleeding lasts less than menstruation and has different aspects, escape bleeding can be confused with ordinary menstruation.


In the case of the Intrauterine Device (IUD), it is normal for the woman to bleed after its placement.

The IUD can cause two bleeds in the same month. One of them may be escape bleeding, which is different from menstruation.

Wrong placement of this device can cause it to move and cause bleeding.

Is it normal to menstruate twice a month while breastfeeding?

Yes. During breastfeeding, the hormones released can cause major changes in the menstrual cycle.

The breastfeeding mother may have small escape bleeds, mistaken for menstruation, without affecting the quality of breastfeeding.

It is still possible for a woman to take up to 8 months to start menstruating after childbirth. It is also normal if the lactating woman menstruates every other month.

These irregularities only indicate that the organism is returning to normal after the stage of pregnancy.

Could menstruating twice in the same month be pregnancy?

When the embryo lodges in the wall of the uterus ( nesting ), there may be a small amount of bleeding that can be mistaken for menstruation, even if it lasts for less days and has different aspects.

Blood is less full-bodied and may be lighter or darker in color compared to menstrual blood.

If the first bleeding of the month is menstrual and the second is breeding, the woman is pregnant. If the opposite is true, the chances of pregnancy decrease.

Generally, the pregnancy is accompanied by other symptoms such as nausea, dizziness and swelling in the breasts.

If in doubt, take a pregnancy test or see a gynecologist.

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Menstruation can go down twice in the same month and this is normal in the vast majority of cases.

Factors such as stress, short menstrual cycles and the use of contraceptive methods can trigger this condition. Even so, if in doubt, seek out a gynecologist.

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