Healthy Minute completes one year and brings news in content

A year ago, the Consulta Remédios group launched its content platform on health and well-being: the Healthy Minute!

Our objective was, still is and will continue to be to offer a communication vehicle that makes a difference in people’s lives, promoting a better quality of life through clear and responsible information. It’s like we always say: health is serious, but it doesn’t have to be complicated .

Check out our trajectory throughout this first year:

Impacting a lot of people

In this one year of life, the site has reached impressive numbers: with more than 670 publications , we take information to approximately 58 million people from all over Brazil – and even outside of it, such as Portugal and the United States. With that, Hickey solution has already exceeded 91 million page views .

More than just these numbers, what matters to us is the recognition of our readers. And most of the more than 5,400 comments already received show that we are achieving our purpose, namely: helping you to know and understand more about medicines, diseases, tests, healthy eating, pregnancy and more.

Constant evolution

Since the launch of the website, we have been very careful with the production of our content, looking for reliable and up-to-date sources of data and information on the topics we cover. But there is always room for improvement.

In order to improve our texts, our team now has a Responsible Pharmacist , Francielle Tatiana Mathias, PhD in Pharmacology from the Federal University of Paraná and Responsible Pharmacist of the Consulta Remédios group.

“When we talk about health information, it is necessary to have responsibility for the dissemination of content, and that is what differentiates Hickey solution. In relation to medicines, the site has a simplified language, always emphasizing the importance of medical evaluation and the dangers of self – medication . This results in quality information, which makes people’s lives easier ”

We also have the support of the  Medical Editor , Paulo Caproni, a sanitary doctor with an MBA in Hospital and Health Systems Management (CEAHS) from FGV-SP.

“Being part of the Healthy Minute team and supporting the team of writers is a way of sharing health knowledge in a clear way for people. I believe that there is a lot of sensational information on health on the internet, so my role is to reinforce the credibility of the content with technical validation and help guide the population on health care ”

In addition, we have a network of health professionals to “sign” the review of Minuto Healthy publications compatible with their respective specialties. The idea is to bring you the best and most reliable content.

You can expect more news as we work every day to create new ways to impact your life for the better!

The entire Hickey solution team thanks our readers for their confidence in our work and for the affection with which they communicate with us. And may many other birthdays come to celebrate together!

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