Cervicitis (inflammation of the cervix): what it is, symptoms

Every woman has experienced some discomfort that took her directly to the gynecologist. Most of these problems are common and easy to be treated, not causing major concerns. Visits to the doctor can facilitate the early diagnosis of several problems, including cervicitis.

The problem is extremely common among women 18 to 25 years of age. One of the main reasons linked to its development is the lack of protection in sexual relations.


What is?

Endocervicitis, as it is also known, is nothing more than an inflammation of the cervix (cervix). This complication usually happens due to contamination by some type of STI ( gonorrhea , herpes, chlamydia and bacterial infections), but it is also common in women in the postpartum period.

Another factor linked to this inflammation would be the continued use of birth control pills, where the problem is diagnosed as chronic cervicitis. Rare, but not impossible, cases may be linked to the use of vaginal tampons and even spermicides used in some types of condoms .

Main symptoms

Although uncommon – in most cases they are not visible – the most common symptoms are: mucosal irritation, redness, discharge, bleeding after intercourse, pain and fever .

Early diagnosis

One of the only ways to avoid complications is through periodic examinations. Consultation with a gynecologist is necessary at least once a year.

In this way, the responsible physician will be able to assess the patient’s condition and, if necessary, indicate the best treatment for the problem found. The Pap test is one of the most recommended tests to analyze possible complications in the womb.


Due to the proliferation of bacteria in the region, the best way to treat cervicitis is through the use of antibiotics . During the treatment period, the patient must abstain from sexual intercourse. If necessary, the use of the medication may extend to the partner.