Diabetes can lead to vision loss

The diabetes affects about 6.9% of the population, and the problem typically affects mostly women. Diabetics are predisposed to suffer from a number of risks, such as blindness. The inadequate production of insulin or its absence brings a series of health complications when left untreated.

Despite being a known disease, many people are still unaware of all of its risks. Among 10 Brazilians with some type of diabetes, 8 of them are unaware that the lack of treatment can lead to vision loss.

Impaired vision

The loss of vision usually happens due to the obstruction of the blood channels of the place. With blocked pathways, the organism ends up creating new vessels. But, as these are more fragile, they tend to rupture more easily, which leads to hemorrhages and, in more serious situations, leads to the retina being removed.

Fundus examination

The problem can be worked around, however it needs to be diagnosed. To avoid worsening the care with the vision must be constant. The fundus examination must be done annually, a period that decreases according to the condition and the time in which the diabetes appears in the patient.

Laser correction is usually one of the methods most used by those who have the problem. But, it is important that care continues even after the procedure is performed. The diet must be extremely balanced and regulated and, in addition, it is essential that sedentary lifestyle is left aside, as this greatly affects those who have the disease.