Back pain: what can it be?

One of the main complaints in doctors’ offices is back pain . More common from the age of 25, it can signal numerous problems.

Five vertebrae make up the lumbar region, which is responsible for supporting the body and also protecting the spinal cord and other important structures.



Persistent pains in this region require attention, as its incidence can signal other problems. The intensity and type of pain vary widely according to its origin.

Problems directly associated with this region such as falls, incorrect exercise, overweight, poor posture, arthrosis , lordosis and scoliosis are some of the factors that can lead to this discomfort. Also common are: gall bladder , ovarian cancer , bladder infection and appendicitis.


A visit to the doctor is essential to investigate the possible causes of the problem. Tests to assess the sensory area can be done with needles to test the patient’s reflex.

Treatment with physiotherapy, medications, rest, acupuncture and chiropractic care are common practices. In cases where these practices do not resolve, the surgical procedure may be indicated by the doctor.

To prevent

In less severe cases, physical exercise, pilates and yoga can strengthen the muscles and increase flexibility. But, for them to be done, there needs to be medical clearance.