7 weeks of gestation: how is the mother’s belly?

The 7 weeks of pregnancy represent a period full of emotions during the woman’s pregnancy.

Phase when the heart starts to develop and the first beats can be perceived.

The brain, the eyelids, the nose, the little fingers and toes are forming now. In the woman’s body, changes in mood, tiredness and nausea can occur and are very common.

But calm down! In a few weeks, everything improves. In the meantime, enjoy each experience, they are essential to this process full of news.


Can you see the belly at 7 weeks of gestation?

The belly is not yet noticeable, as the baby is the size equivalent to that of a bean bean or poppy seed. However, it is natural that there are differences in the mother’s weight due to the change in hormones and the growth of the belly.

What are the symptoms at 7 weeks of gestation?

A very strong point during this period is nausea. They are very evident during feeding, especially when the foods are greasy and with intense aromas. If the discomfort is great, the doctor may prescribe the use of specific remedies.

Other symptoms present are the lack of desire to eat, and consequently the lack of necessary nutrients, as well as too much sleep.

Therefore, consume foods rich in iron and mainly: rest well! It is essential for all this flow of sensations and new habits to fit well in your routine.

Headaches can be common at this stage. It is interesting that women who suffer from migraine or headache attacks talk to the doctor to evaluate the routine and care at this stage.

As not all medications can be used, it is always important to resort to natural options, such as physical exercise, good nutrition and stress- relieving activities .

Can you hear the heartbeat by ultrasound?

No. At this stage, the baby is still very small and his little body is at the beginning of development. Although some organs and structures are being formed, it still takes a few more weeks for them to perform functions.

With 7 weeks of gestation, the lungs, muscles and bones are entering a phase of accelerated development. Soon, these parts of the body will be well delineated and will begin to perform their functions.

Constant changes and great emotions are characteristics that define the seventh week of pregnancy a lot. So, be sure to take care of your health and well-being in all aspects.

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