WHO warns of new flu pandemic

A new flu pandemic . This is the new warning from the World Health Organization (WHO) about a possible mass spread of the disease.

According to the organization, the alert is necessary so that the population is always watching and preventing this risk, which can spread in large proportions, affecting animals and people.

3 to 5 million flu-related infections are considered serious, and can lead to up to 650,000 people to death.

WHO’s concern is also about people who are vulnerable to the disease and in places at risk and difficult to access, which could become a focus of a new global pandemic.

And to combat these risk factors, WHO has a health plan with coverage around the world, whose priority is to improve the capacity of basic health services, new instruments for prevention and detection, antiviral drugs and vaccines.

More resistant virus

When we speak of a flu pandemic, we are not talking about just one virus, but about various types and subtypes, such as H1N1 and H3N2.

Just as advances are made in the pharmaceutical field, these flu-causing viruses are also capable of becoming resistant to drugs and vaccines.

Although worrying, this scenario can also be an important factor in the creation of new methods against these “super viruses”.

One example is the Influenza virus, which has its vaccines reformulated every year in order to prevent further outbreaks.

Vaccination is important

Despite having been the target of several fake news about side effects, vaccines have proven their effectiveness by health entities and once again are important to protect the population from a new pandemic.

Vaccination is recommended by WHO especially for some groups of people who may be more vulnerable, such as the elderly, children and people with chronic diseases.

But it is worth remembering that it is important that everyone gets vaccinated , regardless of the increased risk, as mass vaccination helps to contain the risks of an outbreak.

For this reason, it is important to heed the institution’s alert and practice the preventive measures that are within our reach.

Among them are maintaining a well ventilated environment, washing your hands well, not sharing personal objects, avoiding closed places and maintaining a healthy diet.

Influenza pandemics have already killed millions of people in history and there may be another outbreak soon. To combat this, WHO works to reduce the chances of transmission and mortality from the disease.

But you can also do your part, prevent yourself and be sure to get vaccinated!