New test can measure vitamin D levels through hair

Vitamin D, popularly known as the “sun vitamin” and essential in bone formation, can have its levels measured by hair, according to new research published in the journal Nutrients .

The study is innovative, being the first to point out that vitamin rates can be measured by hair. Currently, to measure vitamin D, blood tests are required.

This standard procedure has differences in the time of the result. This is because, by blood test, it is only possible to check the level of vitamin D at the time it is done.

And as the levels of this vitamin change over time, even with the seasons (summer, winter), by hair scientists can obtain an annual average of the substance .

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Vitamin D in hair

According to the study, the researchers collected hair and beard samples, analyzing the amount of vitamin D present in the strands.

The second step was to perform blood tests on the same people. From there, the two samples (blood and hair) were compared to see if there was a similar vitamin D index.

Thus, the researchers found a direct relationship between the two, which may be more effective for mediation than the blood test.

See: the hair grows about 1 cm per month (on average, but it can vary from person to person) and as it grows, the substance is deposited on the hair.

For this reason, the discovery is considered important, because when the doctor tests the hair to check the average vitamin level, the result will be wider.

And based on this history of the presence of vitamin D, is that doctors can benefit when diagnosing a deficiency or change.

But it is still necessary to continue studies to find out if factors such as dye and other chemicals can interfere when it comes to verifying these indexes.

Research on vitamin D is important for other studies related to the physiology and diagnosis of patients who need specific monitoring.