The Venus Factor Reviews

Weight loss is one of the most prevalent topics in television houses, social stages and other means of information. Before you choose to buy any of the weight loss packages on the shop, you need to recognize whether it works, how it works, how long is it going to take to offer you the effects and if it has any kind of side effects. Recently, we have heard regarding dealers who propose fake packages at a very high price. To avoid being a prey of such situations, we recommend that you go through reviews of many weight loss packages before making the final choice. One of the most active and ease to use weight loss package is The Venus FactorCheck the official site of the venus factor.

I Bought and Tested John Barban’s The Venus Factor weight loss Diet plan. And I am going to put my personal review to show the potential behind the program.what is the venus factor

What is Venus Factor?

First of all, Venus Factor diet design is specifically for females. It was made by John Barban, a fitness and nutrition professional. According to the certified website, it is much more challenging for ladies to lose mass and keep it off. The main strategy is to regulate Leptin levels. This is a hormone which affects the breakdown and how successfully the body burns off fat. For example, when Leptin levels are increased, this indicates the metabolism to hurry up. And then you get a 180-page eBook or manual, the 12-week exercises system (instructional workout tapes), a virtual dietician to help you with diet queries, and an application to help you have a track of your calories and protein consumption. There is also a community which comprises blogs and forums.

It appears like the Venus Factor weight-loss program was first started in 2014, and its accessible straight through the certified website. There are a 60-day repayment guarantee offered and also many consumers before and after pictures are available on the official website.


Venus Factor Insufficient Evidence – Concerning?

Our foremost concern is inadequate evidence concerning the Leptin hormone. According to our Investigation Editor, “The Venus Factor diet plan highlights the importance of high leptin levels for actual weight-loss. Though, studies have exposed that leptin levels are not low in heavy women.”

One dieter stated, “This diet is totally based on the hormone leptin. It was seen that overweight people create sufficient amounts of this vital hormone. So it doesn’t actually make sense.”

One more person stated, “Practised it for 4 weeks but did not lose any weight or feel any different at all. I’m totally down in the dumps after expecting this would be ‘the one’.”

Dieter Complaints – “Something Else to Consider”

We positively found some dieter criticisms pertaining to the Venus Factor weight-loss scheme. In fact, one client said, “Not that decent of a diet. Did not work well for me at all.”

“I considered the systematic exercise and eating instruction, but I could have done the same on my own, without paying any money. Very basic information and I’m not traded on the Leptin hormone thing. Just my two cents,” said another dieter.

The wide research we’ve conducted has exposed if there is a definite facet of a diet package that is especially troublesome the likelihood of weight-loss achievement for the long term is low. In other words, if Venus Factor is unsuccessful to crop real results in a number of customers, this could be a severe dilemma.

Backed By Any Solid Science?

Even though the official website does offer some “scientific references,” we did not find any actual medical study results on the certified Venus Factor website. For us at DietSpotlight, we wish to see documented medical research that backs up the diet package or weight-loss product we are revising.

The Bottom Line – Does Venus Factor Work?

Now the minute you’ve been waiting for: our bottom line. First of all, we understand the fact that Venus Factor weight-loss package is supported by a 60-day money refund guarantee, and we also appreciate that several before and after pictures are posted on the certified website.  We are worried about the absence of actual science concerning this diet system. Also, we have some fears because of the undesirable dieter reviews we saw online and the inadequate evidence about the hormone leptin.

If you’d like to lose more ounce of fat, then we advise you go with a weight-loss package or diet product that is supported by all kinds of positive customer review contains medically tested elements and gives you ample of bang for your buck.

Amongst the best items we’ve found this year is one known as Dietspotlight Burn. This supplement comprises of a proprietary mixture of four powerful elements, which have been shown in accepted clinical research to help hurry up fat loss and rise metabolism. Also, we can’t find any criticisms of injurious side effects and customer comments displayed online show people are getting solid effects.

How does it work?

The undisclosed secret to the achievement of the Venus Factor bulk loss program for females lies in what’s mentioned as Metabolic Outweigh. Metabolic Override contains unique diet and workout strategies designed to help improve the female metabolism and enable healthy weight loss while obliging the individual lifestyle, choices and demands of everyday ladies in the current age. Venus Factor modifies these unique diet and workout strategies to the ladies as an individual based on her present measurements, personal food choices, and schedule and workout capabilities in order to help increase her outcomes. Custom dietary software, meal strategies and exercise videos are offered as part of a separate four phase plan Venus Factor utilizes to help females experience fit weight loss.

Who is Venus Factor For?

Venus Factor is for females from any pace of life who are prepared to make healthy routine changes and follow a step by step food and workout system created to promote normal and healthy weight loss devoid of any need for medicines, powders or tonics. If you want to lose bulk and get in form without having to devote countless hours in the gymnasium or even surrendering all of your much-loved foods, then Venus Factor may be a perfect fit for you.

Who is John Barban?

John Barban

Credit: John Barban

John Barban is a bestselling international writer of multiple food and fitness programs. John has a master’s degree from the University of Guelph in Human Biology and Diet and went on to do additional graduate educations at the University of Florida where he trained in the department of Health and Human performance. He as well has extensive knowledge working in the health and sports supplement industry in R&D as well as a supervisory consultant. He has expended the past 10 years investigating and developing diet and exercise programs fixated on weight loss and preserving weight loss.

What are typical results on your program?

It’s problematic for me to tell you what the normal person will experience after reading the package, as it is tremendously difficult to get written authorization of weight loss effects from all the people who has ever bought or read this package. I can tell you that the values found in the package result in weight loss from a calorie controlled diet and workout regime. Weight loss packages that contain diet and workout can be tough to follow and not everybody can complete them. Your outcomes will be openly related to your regularity, individual genetic, biological and environmental influences, as well as the determination you put into the package.

Does this program also include tips on maintaining weight loss?

Yes this package provides diet and workout information intended to not only assist you lose weight but also to continue weight loss. Your capability to maintain any weight lost will be openly related to continue and steady effort following the diet, workout and lifestyle plans presented in the package. Every person’s individual consequences for both initial weight loss and care of any weight lost will differ based on genetic, routine and other individual and environmental aspects.

Venus Factor Pricing & Bonus

The Venus Factor is presently priced at $47, and comprises four bonuses:

  1. Venus Factor Workouts – A 12-week workout program that matches the Venus Factor by providing small, intense exercises that are easy to follow.
  2. Premium Video Training Lessons – 143 programmes that perform as your very own private trainer to help confirm your victory.
  3. Virtual Nutritionist – Helps you appear like you’ve lost even more mass by aiming areas that are most important to females.
  4. Venus Immersion – A community of other Venus Factor consumers that can help offer support and answer your queries. You can also link with some of the other consumers on Venus Vacations.

Venus Factor Refund Policy

venus factor refund policy

What Do Other Consumers Have to Say About Venus Factor?

The Venus Factor was produced by nutritionist John Barban, who states that he formulated the package in order to help his sister lose mass after the birth of her child. However, the firm is not graded with the Better Business Bureau, which could be clarified by the fact that its URL was newly recorded in June 2013.

Locating online client reviews about the package was relatively tough due to the various affiliate sites trying to sell the package. Though, those were able to trace, seemed to be mainly positive, with the most mutual complaints quoting failure to work and low caloric consumption.

What’s the Bottom Line About Venus Factor?

Like any nutrition or workout program, losing weight takes the same amount of dedication, healthy foods, and physical action, and the Venus Factor is no dissimilar. In fact, the product’s website even precisely states, “User outcomes seen are not classic. They are a result of firm work and devotion to this exclusive plan which is essential to lose fat.”

While most of the Venus Factor consumer reviews we came across were encouraging, there were many that claimed the low caloric consumption can take a tax on your body, including hugely increasing cravings for corrupt foods, and continuously low energy levels.

With this in attention, it’s not made vibrant anywhere on the program’s official website precisely how Venus Factor works, what you’ll be performing to lose weight, or how your leptin conflict will be decreased. While it looks to entail a mixture of DVD-based fitness workouts and carefully decided meal tactics, it was only by examining the program somewhere else online that we read that you’ll be—possibly severely—limiting your calorie consumption. In our experience, it’s not a decent sign when a firm doesn’t give you a very pure understanding of the merchandise you’re buying in advance.

Next, it’s extensively known that leptin supplements don’t help you lose bulk, as they’re not able to pass the blood wall. Lastly, we read numerous user reviews that stated they received many spam email after buying the program, which tried to sell one supplement or another.

Pros and Cons of the Venus Factor System

The Pros and Cons of the Venus Factor system are listed below:


  • Well established and easy to follow method
  • Emphasizeson Leptin protein to lose bulk
  • Rapid effects for weight loss
  • Women centric exclusive program for thorough shaping of female body
  • 5 Main Parts of the Venus Factor scheme make it very easy to use
  • Saves lots of money compared to other bulk loss packages
  • Rapid Customer Support (24/7)
  • Risk Free Cash Back Assurance of 60 days
  • Zero Shipping fee as package is downloadable and come from numerical format


  • Not valid for men
  • Not accessible in hardcopy

Conclusion of My Venus Factor Review

The Venus Factor by John Barban is an exclusive and effective method to lose weight for ladies. The scheme is backed up by scientific investigation carried out by the inventor of the package “John Barban”. His reliability alone is sufficient to try out the package.

The scheme is downloadable from the certified website after one time safe payment of $47. The scheme is not free, though the fee is a lot less compared to the profits it delivers. Moreover, it also comes with a cash back assurance of 60 days. So, if you are unhappy with it, you can claim and get total refund with no enquiries. Losing weight does not only recover our fitness but also our public lives and self-confidence.