Rupture of the frenulum

The frenulum is a mucosal-skin structure in men that connects the foreskin to the glans. Their appearance varies significantly from man to man.

In some cases, it may consist of abundant tissue, and in other cases, it may be barely recognizable.

The frenulum is tense when the foreskin is completely retracted, i.e. when the penis is completely erect.
This is normal and natural, you don’t have to worry about it.

The foreskin ligament is made of erogenous tissue and is therefore very sensitive.
The consequence is that it can cause pain with strong pull.
The rupture of the frenulum can occur at any age, even in adult men who have already had sexual intercourse, so not just the “first time”.
To avoid injury to the foreskin ligament, a condom is not enough.


Causes of rupture of the frenulum

The frenulum can rupture if it is too short, otherwise it usually does not happen.
A tear is possible during the first sexual intercourse, but also later.
As a rule, this injury heals on its own in a few days.
This is also the main cause of bleeding during vaginal or intercourse.

Symptoms of rupture of the frenulum

Bleeding from the penis lasts of different lengths, from a few minutes to 20-30 minutes depending on other diseases of the patient.


Sometimes a crack cannot heal completely and the frenulum can tear again in the same place.
If the rupture of the frenulum heals completely, in some cases scar tissue can form at the affected area, leading to painful adhesions, especially during erection.
If scar tissue develops or the tear heals only partially and the frenulum remains short, you may have discomfort during sexual intercourse.
In this case, surgery in the hospital may be required.

What does the therapy consist of?

First, the bleeding must be stopped with a sterile bandage or simply with the thumb on the affected area.
After a few minutes, the bleeding is stopped.
A sexually inexperienced man who is afraid of tearing the frenulum at the first penetration should talk to his doctor and approach sexual intercourse gently.
The tear usually heals without therapy, it is enough to keep the area clean and disinfected. An antibiotic-containing cream or ointment may be useful for disinfection and preventing infection, for example, Gentalyn Beta.

One should avoid sexual intercourse until the crack is healed.
If this is cured, you can use a lubricant during sexual activities to prevent the problem from occurring again.
The disease is not serious and usually no treatment is required unless the affected area hurts heavily.
The frenulum can rupture again, but a recurrence is rather unlikely.
The doctor in charge of this problem is the andrologist.

If the penis remains injured, a so-called frenuloplasty may be required, in which the surgeon lengthens the foreskin ligament to create greater freedom of movement and avoid re-injury and bleeding.


Frenuloplasty consists in the extension of the foreskin ligament and is performed under local anesthesia.
This procedure should improve sexual intercourse and reduce the risk of tearing again.
Frenuloplasty takes 20 minutes in a day clinic.

This operation reduces the discomfort during sexual intercourse and reduces the likelihood of tearing again.
To eliminate this disorder, circumcision is not useful.
After surgery, sexual abstinence is required for six weeks.
On the first postoperative days, the bandage must be changed daily.

Tear of the upper lip band

Description of the liplace
The skin between the upper lip and gums is called the frenulum.
This skin can rupture if there is a blow to the lip.
Usually, this crack occurs in the middle of the lip band and is not severe.

Often, when a child learns to ride a bicycle, he falls forward and experiences a bump to the lip and face.


Possible complications include:

  1. Infection
  2. Persistent bleeding
  3. Undetected injuries to the roots of the teeth.

What should you do? Treatment for rupture of the lip cord

The lip ribbon has no special task, so you can leave it that way, because the tear heals naturally and spontaneously.
A small tear of the lip band heals well even without a suture. If the injury is smaller than one centimeter, you can ignore it.

You should consult a doctor if:

  • The crack is very large
  • The bleeding of the gums continues
  • You notice impurities or deposits in the wound
  • The tissue edges do not return correctly to their starting position as soon as the pull on the lip decreases
  • Other injuries are present.

One should consult a dentist if a tooth:

  • Hurts
  • moves
  • is damaged or missing.

Direct treatment

Natural remedies include ice compresses in the affected area. If the bleeding persists, you should apply light pressure directly under the nose.

  • Treatment of the disorder
  • Eat only soft food for about two days
  • Avoid spicy and acidic foods
  • Avoid opening your mouth too wide to eat large foods like whole apples or corncobs
  • The full recovery time is 4-7 days.

You should consult a doctor if:

  • One perceives bad breath
  • The upper lip reddens and hardens
  • The area next to the nose swells
  • Fever occurs
  • Enlarged cervical lymph nodes below the angle of the jaw were noted.

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