Pitted Nails: Effectively Handling

Depressions in the surface of nails- mostly fingernails is termed as nail pitting. These uneven nail surfaces become the cause of concern and embarrassment for many. Nail pitting is caused by the defective development of the superficial nail plate or the keratin layer. The disease affects multiple nails or at times, even trauma to a single bed can lead to disruptions in a single nail.

What are the major reasons for nail pitting?

Nail pitting can be caused by some injury to the nail bed or could even be related to genetics. But very often they are also the result of diseases like:

  • Eczema
  • Incontinentia Pigmenti
  • Psoriasis
  • Alopecia areata
  • Chronic dermatitis

Only an expert on examination can give the right diagnosis and identify the cause of the condition.

What are the suggested treatments?

It is best to get an informed diagnosis from an expert in the field based on the examination of the nails as to what is the root cause of the problem. Only after the cause has been identified will the professional suggest an appropriate treatment to tackle the problem. If the condition is related to any of the above diseases, treating the symptoms of the disease will automatically offer considerable relief and arrest the problem preventing further damage. Generally, corticosteroids are prescribed either in the oral form or the form of creams and ointments.

If the pitted nails are not related to any of the diseases mentioned above, then these imperfections are harmless and may disappear with a little care and a few home remedies.

The inclusion of a health care routine for the nails, with a few modifications in the diet and lifestyle in the daily itinerary, will undoubtedly aid in the eradication of the depressions.

Water in the form of a drink or the hydrotherapies offered at the health spas or holistic centers is very beneficial for this condition. Changes in diet to include more of minerals and vitamins especially vitamin D is greatly recommended.

Soaking of the nails in a solution of warm water and Epsom salt or application of vinegar to the nails is known to combat the depressions effectively. Regular application of oils like tree tea, neem or oils containing vitamin D can help repair the damage and ward off any further damage successfully.