Circulatory problems: causes and solutions

Many people know circulatory problems and the associated symptoms such as “blacking out in front of the eyes” or dizziness.
Some may even faint. Such complaints should not be taken lightly, especially if they occur frequently.

After all, according to the Robert Koch Institute, cardiovascular diseases are the most common cause of death in Germany.

Apart from that, occasional circulatory problems are also unpleasant for those affected and can even be dangerous – for example, if a sudden attack of weakness leads to falls. But what are the causes of circulatory problems and what can be done about it?


Causes of circulatory problems

In many cases, circulatory problems are due to low or too high blood pressure. Too low blood pressure results in reduced blood flow to the brain, which triggers the mentioned symptoms such as dizziness – especially if the blood pressure drops rapidly. If it is permanently at a low level, those affected also suffer from listlessness, depressive moods and a pronounced need for sleep.

The possible causes of this are divided into different categories:

  • Primary or congenital hypotension: It often affects adolescents during puberty. Exact causes cannot be determined here. However, a hereditary predisposition probably plays an important role.
  • Secondary hypotension: In this case, for example, diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes or hormonal disorders are underlying. Diseases of the nervous system and injuries with significant blood loss can also be possible causes.
  • Orhostatic hypotension: Here, the body has difficulty adjusting blood pressure to an upright position. The reason for this can be getting up quickly. But even after a hearty meal and a lot of alcohol, circulatory problems can occur.

Pregnant women also often suffer from circulatory problems. This is based on a larger volume of blood and a higher heart rate during pregnancy. Mental illness can also negatively affect the circulation and lead to symptoms such as dizziness. For example, a medical study leading the world found that depression has a negative impact on the heart, even increasing the risk of having a heart attack.

The therapy depends decisively on the respective causes of the symptoms. In acute cases, drugs that increase blood pressure are also used for a short time. Apart from that, there is a whole range of measures with which those affected can contribute to stabilizing their circulation. They are also used for prevention.

Change of diet as a solution?

Being overweight increases the risk of cardiovascular problems. Researchers attribute this to the fact that the increased insulin level lowers the level of atrial natriuretic peptide, abbreviated ANP. However, this lowers blood pressure by lowering the smooth muscles of the vessels, inhibiting the feeling of thirst and leading to increased excretion of urine.

If you want to protect yourself from circulatory problems and resulting diseases, you would do well to pay attention to a healthy and balanced diet. On the other hand, a diet can also lead to circulatory problems if you consume too few nutrients needed by the body.

Thus, a change in diet is a promising way for circulatory problems. The following criteria play an important role:

  • Even more than the quantity, it depends on the composition of the daily meals. In this regard, vitamins play a central role. At the same time, especially fatty and sugary foods should be consumed sparingly.
  • A stabilizing effect on the circulation is attributed calcium, sodium, vitamin D or pantothenic acid. However, caution is advised in this regard. Studies have concluded that an increased intake of calcium may promote cardiovascular problems.
  • Drinking a lot is important to ensure good blood circulation. This is especially true in extreme heat.

A change in diet should be approached with caution. People who suffer from chronic obesity would do well to seek advice from a specialist. In addition to doctors, nutritionists are suitable for this.

Sport as a further building block

In the modern world of work, many people spend much of their time sitting at their desks. However, this can also lead to circulatory problems. Because in this way, vessels and heart are not sufficiently challenged. As a result, they are less able to react adequately to stress.

Regular exercise provides a remedy. Especially through fast movements, the circulation gets going. Sports such as badminton or a martial art are recommended. On the other hand, endurance sports help to avoid circulatory problems. It leads to the fact that the body deals noticeably better with blood pressure fluctuations. Eligible are sports such as:

  • Jog
  • Walking
  • Cycling
  • Swim

If you have little time or desire to go outdoors for long jogging rounds, you can also do your endurance training in a gym or even in your own four walls. Special devices are particularly effective here. They include:

  • Treadmill
  • Rowing machine
  • Stepper
  • Stationary bicycles
  • Elliptical trainer

The elliptical cross trainer is particularly popular. He has now even outstripped the treadmill. There are good reasons for this. Because training on an elliptical cross trainer is not only associated with pleasant movements, but also particularly gentle and joint-gentle.
This makes the training device especially recommended for people who are struggling with obesity.

In addition, it trains the whole body, as the arms are also stressed, and leads to a high calorie consumption, because many muscles are required at the same time. A modern equipment with heart rate monitor additionally supports the training.
Before buying an elliptical cross trainer, however, you should take a closer look at the individual devices. On, individual models are presented in more detail and put through their paces, so that interested parties can get an idea.

Preventing circulatory problems is worthwhile

A healthy diet and sufficient exercise not only prevent circulatory problems.
Both have a number of other positive effects on body and mind.This includes making it easier to lose weight or keep a slim line. In addition, the body becomes more resilient.
The mood lifts and everyday stresses have less of a heavy effect on one’s own mind. In the long run, dangerous diseases can also be prevented in this way, starting with a heart attack.

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