Very low cholesterol also poses risks to women’s health

Among the most recurring concerns of Brazilians is high cholesterol. Whether due to the amount of fatty foods we usually consume or the lack of physical activity, we need to find ways to keep the rates under control.

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A person with high cholesterol often has no symptoms, so the only way to know if you have high cholesterol is to have a blood test.

The concern, however, is often centered on high levels of the substance. But is cholesterol with levels much below normal also capable of harming health?

According to a new study published in the medical journal Neurology , which looked at female participants, it could.

In the research it was possible to see that a cholesterol below was linked to a greater risk of stroke. Understand this relationship better.

Cholesterol below 70mg / dl

For adults, total cholesterol should be below 190 mg / dl, and for children, the number should be less than 170 mg / dl.

But there needs to be a balance of both bad cholesterol (LDL) and good cholesterol (HDL).

This means that too low is also not suitable for the body, as it can also cause health problems.

According to them, women with LDL levels between 70mg / dL or less than that may be 2 times more likely to have hemorrhagic stroke compared to women who have an LDL between 100mg / dL and 130mg / dL.

The study, which gathered 27,937 women aged 45 years or older, found that 0.8% of participants with a lower cholesterol had a hemorrhagic stroke, whereas women with a cholesterol within the standard had a 0.4% chance of experiencing the same frame.

Therefore, it is important to always be balanced with it so that it does not exceed the recommended, and is not too low.

The study above suggests that we also need to be aware of the other side of cholesterol, since we take more care when it is high.

And because it is a generally silent condition, you need to maintain some precautions to prevent it from taking you by surprise.