Velcade: how is the administration and what is the price range?

Velcade is a medication belonging to a group of remedies called cytotoxic. But what does it mean?

The group of cytotoxic substances are capable of causing the death of cells that exhibit an abnormal behavior of accelerated replication, such as cancer cells.

Thus, these drugs may be options when other therapies are not possible or do not demonstrate effective results. Among the options is Velcade:

What is Velcade?

Velcade is a reference medicine, presented in powder to be diluted. Its application can be made intravenously (in the vein) or subcutaneously (injection under the skin).

It is used to treat adults with bone marrow cancer (multiple myeloma) who have not had previous treatment or have received other treatments that have not had the desired effects.

In general, patients show some improvement response about 1 ½ months after the start of treatment.

Between one and another treatment cycle with Velcade there must be a minimum period of 6 months, always according to medical advice.

Thus, if a treatment was carried out between January and March and by medical indication there was a rupture, to start the consumption of Velcade again (retreatment), one should wait at least until October.

Velcade may experience drug interactions with anticonvulsants that are based on phenytoin and phenobarbital. That is, this medicine can have its effect reduced or canceled if it is taken together with medicines made with these substances to control seizures .

Therefore, it is important to inform the doctor if you use other medications.

This medicine should also not be given to people who are allergic to Bortezomib (Velcade’s active ingredient), Boron or Mannitol .

What is Velcade for?

Velcade is used to treat adults with multiple myeloma who have or have not received prior treatment for the condition. Depending on the package insert, the drug can be used alone or in combination with melphalan, prednisone, dexamethasone and thalidomide according to each condition.

Learn a little more about the disease that Velcade treats:

Multiple myeloma

Multiple myeloma is a type of cancer that manifests itself in the bone marrow (a tissue that fills the internal cavity of some bones, responsible for the production of blood cells).

This malignant tumor can grow and affect the bone marrow region, impacting other areas of the body as well.

The main symptoms of this disease are:

  • Bone injuries;
  • Intense pain;
  • Muscle weakness;
  • Reduction in the production of blood cells (red and white blood cells, platelets);
  • Renal insufficiency;
  • Difficulty producing antibodies;
  • Weight loss;
  • Mental confusion.

The diagnosis is made by a doctor based on the patient’s report on symptoms and with the aid of tests such as blood count and protein electrophoresis .

Route of administration: Is Velcade for subcutaneous use?

According to the package insert, it can be administered subcutaneously (injection) or intravenously (in the form of serum). The medicine should not be applied intrathecally (injection into the bone marrow). Velcade should always be applied with the help of the medical team.

When applied subcutaneously, it is usually on the thigh or abdomen.

If injections are frequent (every 72 hours), it is necessary to rotate between the places of application. This to avoid pain and bruising on the spot.

What is the dosage indicated on the package leaflet?

The ideal dosage of Velcade should be guided by medical professionals, according to the situation of each patient. Dosages may vary according to the diagnosis and combination, or not, of other medications.

Generally, administration occurs between 1 and 2 times a week, with a minimum interval of 72 hours between dose applications.

After a few weeks on this regimen, there is a “rest” period, that is, there is no administration of the medication. The dosage can be adjusted, if necessary, always according to the clinical evaluation.

What are the most common side effects (adverse reactions)?

The most common reactions are diarrhea , nausea, vomiting, tiredness , weakness, anemia , constipation , abdominal pain, fever , infections in the respiratory system, dehydration, reduced appetite and cough .

In very common cases (more than 10% of patients), this medication can still cause:

  • Insomnia;
  • Lack of air;
  • Low pressure;
  • Anxiety;
  • Motion sickness;
  • Pain in the extremities of the body;
  • Skin rashes;
  • Anorexia;
  • Blurred vision;
  • Thrombocytopenia (decreased number of platelets).

Between 1% and 10% of cases ( common situations ), Velcade can cause:

  • Acceleration of heart rate (tachycardia);
  • Intergastrinal reflux;
  • Difficulty chewing and swallowing;
  • Somnolence;
  • Chest pain;
  • Respiratory diseases (such as pneumonia and bronchitis);
  • Variation in the amount of sugar in the blood (may increase or decrease);
  • Fainting;
  • Bloody urine;
  • Renal insufficiency;
  • Bleeding from the nose;
  • Itching or redness of the skin.

In unusual situations , the symptoms manifested include:

  • Reduced hearing;
  • Wounds on the tongue;
  • Presence of blood in vomiting;
  • Stopping bowel movements (paralytic ileus);
  • Inflammation in the blood veins (phlebitis);
  • Hepatitis;
  • Convulsions;
  • Loss of taste;
  • Difficulty and discomfort to urinate;
  • Coughing up blood (hemoptysis);
  • Hemorrhage in the brain;

In rare cases , the side effects reported are:

  • Deafness;
  • Blindness;
  • Inflammation of the intestine (ischemic colitis);
  • Generalized infection (septic shock);
  • Sweet’s Syndrome;
  • Clot formation.

When Velcade is applied intravenously (application to the vein), there may be symptoms such as changes in the perception of heat and cold, a burning sensation, pain, weakness, numbness in the limbs, low pressure and discomfort.

Bortezomibe is part of the MOC?

Yes. Bortezomibe (Velcade’s active ingredient) belongs to the Manual of Clinical Oncology of Brazil (MOC), which provides guidelines and updates on diagnosis and treatment for diseases, such as multiple myeloma.

Bortezomib is an antineoplastic drug, that is, it is manipulated to destroy malignant or diseased cells and, thus, prevent the development of tumors.

It can be used in combination with other substances or as monotherapy (in which only Bortezomib is administered).

What is the price of Velcade?

Velcade prices may vary by region of the country.

In general, the 3.5mg drug with 1 ampoule with powder for solution for intravenous use costs from R $ 4,515.00.

How to make a Velcade budget?

Do you want to save money when buying your medicines? The tip is old, but it is worth gold: do a research comparing several chains of pharmacies or drugstores.

To make a budget or request the purchase of this medicine by the Justice, you can count on the support of the Consultancy of Consultations Remedies.

Just access the link , fill in the registration with your data and in a few hours, our team will send you an exclusive quote with the price of at least 3 places to buy.

Velcade is a drug indicated for the treatment of bone marrow cancer.

With its administration is intravenous or subcutaneous, it is important that there is always medical supervision.

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