Understand what can cause headaches in childhood

The headache is very common in adults, but children can also experience it. As much as the symptom is well known, it is important to discover its origin. Eating the wrong way, sleeping little and staying in very hot and muggy environments can create the problem.

It is necessary to be aware if the child is really in pain. Crying, constant complaints and lack of spirit to play are some of the signs that something is not right.

Possible reasons

Sleep little: having brain tiredness from sleeping little is one of the causes of headache. The solution is simple, establishing times to sleep and wake up can solve the problem.

Vision problems: complaints of headache after class can be a symptom of eye problems. This happens, because when it is necessary to force the vision, the muscles of the head end up being highly demanded.

Heat: in addition to the blood vessels dilating, tiredness occurs with excess heat. Keeping your child in the shade during activities and constantly watering them are important tips.

Eating wrong: going without eating for a long time causes a lack of oxygen in the brain, which leads to pain. The most recommended is to eat every three hours to keep blood sugar levels at adequate levels.

Bruxism : grinding the teeth and having problems with the dental joint causes the child to have a headache. The symptom usually happens in the morning. In this case, the ideal is to talk to the pediatrician first and then, if necessary, take the child to the dentist to treat the problem.


When the pain intensifies and becomes recurrent in a short period of time, accompanied by nausea and vomiting, it can be considered a symptom of migraine. Not supporting places with loud sound or bright lights are other characteristics of this problem.