Ultrasound Therapy

Ultrasound is a therapy that uses acoustic waves at high frequency: between 1 and 3 Mhz, they are used in physiotherapy for the anti-inflammatory effect and to unleash the adhesions. 
They are not audible from the human ear that feels only the sounds frequently less than 0.02 Mhz. 

The method to get the utrasuoni is the same occasion for the ultrasound.

The operation of the machine exploits the inverse piezoelectric effect.

When an electric current passes through the quartz crystals contained in the head, it continuously dilate and compress, producing a vibration that emits from where sound.


How does it work?

When ultrasound penetrates the body, the effect of the vibrations moves all the inner particles and stimulates the reabsorption of the inflammatory fluid. Ultrasounds yield energy to the tissue they pass through producing heat.

 Another effect caused is the increase in the permeability of the cell membrane that favors the entry of nutrients and the elimination of slag. 
The waves penetrate the body to an extent contrary to the frequency. 
Ultrasounds with a frequency of 3MHZ work on the surface up to 1 cm deep, while if they are at 1MHZ they reach up to 3 cm of pronfondità. 
The application on the body is not invasive and neither painful. How is the machine made? The ultrasonic device is constituted by a current generator and a emitting head, Ær¨êL, with the mobile head or massage in which the physiotherapist runs the handful on the patient’s skin and eventually rubs it.
with the fixed head, forced point of a mechanical arm when the area to be treated is very circumscribed as a calcaneare spur. The indications are for: Morbus de Dupuytren, Arthrosis, joint inflammation or phlogosis. 
Tendinitis, capsulitis, bursitis, organized bruising and scarring tissues, back pain, periarticolari calcifications in the first phase of formation, There are studies about the use of ultrasound by the fracture of the Tibia that demonstrate the reduction of the consolidation times of the / 40%, but with an application time of 2/3 hours a day .. The contraindications are: Osteoporosis at high turnover, Presence of metal fragments, Articular joint, Varicose veins, Phlebitis and thrombophlebitis, Neoplastic tissue and adjoining areas, Woman in pregnancy.