Treatment for leg muscle pain begins with rest, ice, and medication such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen.




You should apply ice during the first 24-48 hours in case of injury to reduce pain and inflammation .
In the days that follow, warmth helps muscle relaxation and stimulates the healing process.

Muscle pains due to overload and fibromyalgia respond well to massage generally.
Light stretching exercises are useful after a long rest period.

Regular physical exercise can help restore proper muscle tone.
Hiking, biking and swimming are good aerobic activities to start.
A physical therapist can teach positions for stretching, aerobic exercises and for toning to feel better and reduce pain.
You have to start slowly and gradually increase the intensity.
You should avoid high-impact aerobic activities and lifting weights until the muscle is injured or sore.

You have to try to get enough sleep at night and reduce stress.
Yoga and meditation are excellent ways to help you sleep and relax.

If these measures do not work, the doctor may prescribe medications or physical therapy, or may direct you to a specialized pain clinic.
If muscle pain is due to a specific illness, you should follow your doctor’s instructions to remove the primary cause of the disease.
In the case of autoimmune disease, the physician usually recommends cortisone or immunosuppressive drugs (such as methotrexate)

  • Physical exercise can be useful in treatment and prevention, but it must be done correctly.
    • It is necessary to warm up before the training and after the training is useful the cooling.
    • Stretching is recommended before and after activity.
    • You have to drink plenty of fluids before, during and after training.
  • If you are working in the same position most of the day (like sitting at a computer) you should do some stretches at least every hour.


Other treatments

Use analgesic creams. These drugs relieve minor aches as well as those caused by arthritis .
There is a wide variety of active ingredients, such as salicylate, capsaicin or menthol that are applied directly to the skin.
These creams are inexpensive and can be found at any pharmacy. You have to carefully follow the instructions for the application.

Use the hot tub to relieve muscle pain.
The tub is designed to relax the muscles and relieve stress in the body.
Hot tubs are known as a type of hydrotherapy.

Soak your sore muscles in a salt bath.
When you put in hot water, salt relaxes the nerves, draws toxins out of the body, cures cuts and bruises . Read the label for specific instructions.

Give yourself a session with an experienced massage therapist.
Try a sports massage, Swedish or deep tissue. The massage relieves pain, muscle increases flexibility and improves the circulation of blood flow in the body.

You need to choose a therapist with a  proven experience  and a proper education.

Stretching muscle before and after exercise to minimize damage.
If you feel the pain after a demanding workout, you should try to stretch your muscles whenever possible.
Stretching also improves range of motion.
In case of injury , sturdy contracture , muscle strain or stretching, physical therapy may accelerate or solve the problem due to some particular instruments like the TECR  that is widely used in the sports field for this type of injury.


Tips and Suggestions

Kinesio taping for biceps muscle contraction

Kinesio Taping : Action: Relaxing, draining and anti-inflammatory ) Shape: One strip to “Y”. Length: from a few centimeters below the elbow to the acromion. Apply the tape without tension by extending the arm later.

Remember to work hard at the gym, so do not overdo it. You should keep the intensity and load to a level that allows you to move forward without forcing your muscles to the maximum.
You should choose the gyms that offer the use of the hot tub.
You can try a sauna or therapeutic Turkish bath to relieve stress and tension.
You need to give the muscle or muscles the possibility and time to relax.
Do not always overload the same muscle groups every day by lifting weights.
You should give your body a chance to recover.
Excessive use of muscles can cause injury.
If you feel pain of any kind and intensity when you work, you need to stop yourself immediately!
Topical analgesics should be used as prescribed by your doctor or pharmacist. Do not use too many creams. Discontinue use if you feel pain or skin irritation.

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