Thermogenic (natural, supplement): see teas and foods

To speed up the metabolism and have better results in the gym, some people use supplements and foods that have a thermogenic effect. They speed up the body’s caloric expenditure through a process called thermogenesis and can make a difference in reducing fats and measures.

In the text below, you can see which are the main thermogenic and how they should be used in a healthy way! Check it out:


What are thermogenics?

Thermogenics, which can be food or supplements, are products that contain compounds that help activate thermogenesis in the body, a natural process of caloric burning and thermal effect.

From these actions, the energy expenditure is increased and can promote positive results for those who want to lose weight. However, alone it does not guarantee reductions in the measurements of those who are looking for a perfect body.

When using thermogenic products, it is necessary to combine healthy habits, because without dietary re-education and physical exercise, the results may not be as good.

But before starting to take the supplements, a medical evaluation is essential, as the consumption of these substances can cause an increase in blood pressure, cardiac arrhythmia or cause discomfort.

So, there is an alert for people who have some cardiac complications, such as hypertension itself. Remembering that only with medical evaluation and a follow-up by a nutritionist makes the use of thermogenics safer.

What are worth for?

Thermogenics are used to increase the body’s caloric burn through thermogenesis, causing the body to spend more energy. Thus, they stimulate the burning of body fat and help exercise practitioners to have better results.

Other effects associated with the use of thermogenics include the possibility of these substances acting on the body, reducing appetite and increasing energy, so they become an even more attractive option for those who want more disposition during training.

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How do thermogenics work?

Before understanding how thermogenics work it is important to understand how thermogenesis works, a spontaneous process in our body.

To make it simpler, we can compare this process of heat generation of the organism to the functioning of a car, which needs the burning of fuel for the engine to work.

Our fuel is the food we consume, which, in the cellular process, is converted into energy and generates heat.

Our body makes a reserve of energy, which would be fat (adipose tissue). The body then uses fat burning to perform its functions, this conversion being thermogenesis.

As the name suggests, our body actually becomes more heated during this process, since thermogenesis is a generation of heat, that is, thermal maintenance.

Think of the car that, when turned off, has a cold engine and when turned on it gets hot, because in this fuel burning an increase in temperature happens. That would be the logic of the thermogenesis process.

However, in addition to being a natural process, there are other external factors that induce thermogenesis, such as exercise, room temperature, use of supplements and foods that trigger this action.

Thus, the greater the stimulus, the greater the caloric expenditure, making the thermogenic products so used by those who want to lose weight – that they can be food or supplements.

For example, the intake of fibers can help in the thermogenesis process because they have a slower digestion, requiring more effort from the body, which promotes a greater expenditure of energy.

In the case of teas and coffee, thermogenesis happens because they speed up metabolism due to the presence of stimulating substances such as caffeine.

However, it is worth emphasizing that this caloric burning is only satisfactory when the person also practices physical exercises and maintains a balanced diet. Without this combination, the effects are not noticeable.

Thermogenic foods

Despite being a natural process of the organism, thermogenesis can be stimulated through the ingestion of some foods that have thermogenic active principles, helping and stimulating the body to burn the accumulated fat.

The main foods are:

  • Red pepper : it has a substance called capsaicin, which helps to stimulate thermogenesis in the body, speeding up the metabolism. It can be used in the spice of other foods or added to dishes;
  • Coffee : because it contains caffeine, one of the main thermogenic substances, the consumption of coffee helps to speed up the metabolism. However, it should be consumed in moderate amounts, according to professional guidance;
  • Cold water : cold water needs to be heated by the body, making it necessary to spend more energy. Since it contains no calories, it can help with weight reduction;
  • Ginger : in addition to being thermogenic, ginger is also an antioxidant and helps to reduce swelling. It can be consumed in tea, added in juices and salads;
  • Green tea : it also has caffeine and is therefore recommended as a thermogenic. Like coffee, it should be consumed without exaggeration and preferably during the day;
  • Cinnamon : in addition to the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action it can play, cinnamon also helps to speed up metabolism. It can also be consumed with fruits, teas and other drinks;
  • Boiled egg : the food is rich in protein and causes the body to spend more energy to digest it than it is capable of providing. Thus, it is a good ally to weight loss.

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Thermogenic supplements

Supplements are produced from thermogenic substances that help to stimulate energy expenditure, provide greater disposition and speed up metabolism.

They are normally used by high-performance athletes and people who already have an exercise routine and should always be consumed according to the nutritionist’s recommendation.

Among the substances most used in supplements are those present in green tea, ginger , pepper and guarana.

In addition, caffeine and taurine may also be present, acting on the nervous system and metabolism.

The vitamins of the B complex , important for energy metabolism, and enzyme inhibitors responsible for regulating a process called lipogenesis (fat formation) are also used in thermogenic supplements.

Supplements can be found at:


Thermogenic capsules or tablets are the most common. See some of the brands of these products:

  • Thermogenic Sineflex and Fat Blocker ;
  • Sineflex Hardcore Power Supplements;
  • Minas-Brasil Thermogenic Complex ;
  • Lipoday Smart Life thermogenic ;
  • Kimera Thermo Iridium Labs;
  • Poison Black Skull;
  • Kimera Woman Iridium Labs;
  • Ripped Extreme Atlhetica Nutrition Yellow Caps;
  • Therma Pro Hardcore Integralmedica;
  • Thermogenic Probiotics;
  • Thermogenic Probiotic .


Typically, liquid thermogens are marketed as teas. Some options are:

  • Bionatus Lipofima Thermogenic Tea;
  • X7 Thermogenic Hardcore.

Thermogenic gel

Thermogenic gels have the same proposal as supplements that should be ingested, helping to burn fats. However, the product is for external use and must be applied on the skin (topical use).

The action stimulates circulation and helps to reduce measures, being a good option to decrease localized measures.

The action time and the amount of application must be followed according to the packaging orientation. Some options available are:

  • Lipo Redux;
  • Comicfat.

When and how to take?

Thermogenic drugs, especially supplements, should be taken only when there is an evaluation by a doctor or nutritionist. Some people in certain clinical conditions should not use them, which is why it is so important to get a professional’s clearance.

In addition to assessing the need for use, the professional will advise on the type of ideal supplement and dosage, since some products may be in addition to thermogenic, appetite suppressants, for example.

Thermogenic foods, in these cases, can be included in the diet, consumed in the form of tea or as spices, for example. The safe amount of these ingredients must also be guided by the professional.

In the case of caffeine, for example, the recommended average for adults is 400mg per day, which is equivalent to 5 small cups of coffee.

In the case of supplements, which can be taken in capsules, the main recommendation is that they are always taken before training and until 6 pm, as they can interfere with metabolism and agitation.

When using them during the night, which is when we prepare to rest, sleep can be impaired and the next day a feeling of tiredness predominates .

Thermogenic lose weight?

The most correct answer to this question, considering all the factors that lead to weight loss, would be depends .

Although it helps with caloric expenditure, there are studies that show that the effects of thermogenic drugs are not very relevant for weight loss, especially for burning localized fat.

According to a study by the School of Sport and Exercise Sciences at the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom, there is still a lack of sufficient scientific data to affirm the effects of thermogenic supplements.

However, it does bring some evidence regarding the use of caffeine and green tea, for example, which are widely used natural thermogens.

According to the publication, these products do have some properties that increase metabolism and burn fat, but with little relevant effects or for a short period of time.

There is also an alert saying that the number of thermogenic supplements available is growing, due to the economic appeal it represents.

However, this growth is not in sync with the studies that can sustain the effect of these products, which makes it a risk to the consumer. The result of all of this can be a very wide variety of supplements without scientific proof of effectiveness.

Considering the effect of generating the energy burning of foods and supplements, what is known is that there is no relevant weight loss without practicing physical exercises and without a balanced and low-calorie diet.

Another effect associated with thermogenics is to make the person more agitated and willing, which can help when it comes to physical activities. As the person exercises more, there is a favor in weight loss.

In the case of supplements, to assess whether or not it can help reduce weight, it is necessary to consider the metabolism of each individual, the eating habits and physical activities practiced.

The benefits

Thermogenic foods and supplements, when placed within a healthy exercise and diet routine, can provide some benefits. The main ones are:

Help speed up metabolism

Because they induce greater energy expenditure, thermogenic products influence the functioning of the metabolism, making it more accelerated. Thus, leading a balanced life, with healthy eating and exercise, weight loss is easier.

Assist in reducing appetite

Some thermogenic supplements also contain substances that inhibit appetite, helping people to eat fewer calories and helping their metabolism to speed up.

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In these cases, the evaluation of the use of supplements that also offer this type of effect should be done by a nutritionist, who will know how to judge the need for use or not.

May increase focus and cognition

There are substances in some thermogenic substances that help to improve focus and facilitate concentration, such as caffeine, for example. Therefore, use may be associated with a better performance in other daily tasks, such as studying and working.

Improve performance in physical activities

This is one of the main benefits associated with the use of thermogenic drugs and is directly linked to weight loss. Thermogenic products are more available and, therefore, tiredness during physical activities is reduced.

This extra gas than thermogenic helps people to improve performance during training, which consequently interferes with the results.

Improve blood circulation

Some thermogenic foods, like ginger and cinnamon, can help improve blood circulation, which also helps to reduce swelling.

When thermogens are metabolized, they speed up circulation and dilate the veins. At the proper dose, it is good for circulation, but in excess it can be dangerous.

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Help with weight loss

The weight loss provided by thermogenic drugs is the sum of other benefits to a healthy lifestyle.

If the person practices physical exercises, include nutritious and low-calorie foods in the diet, and take the thermogenic ones with the accompaniment of a nutritionist, the results on the scale and body measurements are more likely.

Natural thermogenic

Some people prefer to get the thermogenic benefits without using supplements and, therefore, always look for the most natural option. In this case, it is possible to include in the diet some options of teas, juices and fruits. See which are the main ones:


For cold days or to cool off in the heat, teas can be an ally for those who want to lose weight, as some have thermogenic substances such as caffeine.

There are several options and combinations that can be made. Some of them are:

  • Green tea;
  • Yerba mate Tea;
  • Black tea;
  • Ginger tea;
  • Cinnamon tea;
  • Hibiscus tea.


Thermogenic juices are those that have some of the foods that help to speed up the metabolism. They are usually made with fruits and vegetables with the addition of ginger, cinnamon or pepper.

In addition, the natural juice helps to insert fruits and leaves (such as cabbage) in the diet, which is ideal for those who want to lose weight healthily.

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Female thermogenic

There are some brands of thermogenic supplements with products focused on the female audience, but, despite this exclusivity, there are no major differences in the action they perform on the body.

Some variations they may contain are related to vitamins and properties that can be added to the formula, such as collagen, quite common in female products.

However, before buying the product through advertising, it is best to talk to a nutritionist to understand how the substances will act on your body.


The price of thermogenics can vary widely. When it comes to food, it is more difficult to establish an average, due to the variety of products that can have this effect.

In the case of supplements, it is possible to consult the Price  Comparison Consulta Remédios , in the category of thermogenic products. There, you can find products in this line that range from R $ 37 to R $ 180.


In general, thermogenic foods should be avoided when the person has an allergic reaction to the food or sensitivity to the effects.

For example, there are people who are very sensitive to the effects of caffeine and therefore should avoid it.

In these cases, the most important thing is to be accompanied by a nutritionist so that the professional can assist in setting up an appropriate menu.

The thermogenic supplements, on the other hand, should not be used by some groups, such as children, pregnant women and nursing mothers.

In addition, people who suffer from some conditions should also not use it, such as:

  • Anxiety and insomnia : in these conditions, the action of thermogenic drugs can interfere with the organism’s alertness, leaving the person more agitated and restless, interfering with the quality of sleep and the symptoms of anxiety;
  • High blood pressure : people suffering from hypertension should not take thermogenic drugs because of the risk of increasing blood pressure;
  • Migraines : patients who suffer from this condition may have aggravated pain due to the use of thermogenic drugs, due to the fact that they increase blood pressure;
  • Heart disease : patients with heart disease should avoid thermogenic drugs, as they can interfere with heart rate;
  • Hyperthyroidism : because it speeds up metabolism, thermogenic drugs are not recommended for those who have this condition, as it can aggravate symptoms or interfere directly in the control of the disease.

Side effects

Despite the benefits, thermogenic drugs can also cause side effects. Therefore, in addition to paying attention to contraindications, it is also necessary to know when and how to take, to avoid adverse reactions.

Find out what are the main associated side effects:


Thermogenic drugs, when taken at inappropriate times, can end up impairing sleep. Therefore, they must be taken before 6 pm, just so that the agitation it causes does not interfere with the rest during the night.

People who already suffer from the condition and who wish to take thermogenic drugs should consult the possibility with a doctor, so as not to aggravate this sleep disorder further.

Arrhythmia and other cardiac complications

In high doses, thermogenic drugs can cause serious complications, such as arrhythmia, high blood pressure and strokes. For people who already have a history of cardiovascular disease , the use should not be made precisely because of the risk they represent.

That is why medical monitoring is essential, even for healthy patients, so that the dosage consumed is safe.

Rebound effect

Despite providing a greater peak of energy, thermogenic can end up providing a rebound effect.

For example, in the first 30 or 40 minutes of action in the body, they can cause greater energy and disposition. However, when the effect passes, a large release of the hormone cortisol can occur, which can cause tiredness, indisposition, nausea and other symptoms.

Common questions

What is the best thermogenic?

There is no right answer, as it depends on several factors. In general, a good thermogenic is one that has balanced ingredients that can, in fact, work in the body of the user.

But, who can best define this is a nutritionist, after assessing eating habits, routine, clinical history and from there, guide the use of the most effective thermogenic for each case.

After how long does the thermogenic take effect?

It depends . The action of thermogenics may vary according to each substance, considering dietary habits and activities performed.

In addition, each organism can react differently right after ingesting them. In the bloodstream, for example, supplements can have an action of 15 to 45 minutes and effects from 2 to 6 hours after being taken.

Can I take the same thermogenic every time?

It depends. One of the tips related to the use of supplements is to vary the use of thermogens, so as not to use them for long periods and without breaks. This is because the organism may end up getting used to the effects and stop at the results when compared to the use at the beginning.

However, the break time and what is the best exchange is something that needs to be evaluated by a nutritionist. Before making a transition, try to talk to a professional.

Thermogenic foods, as well as supplements, must be used responsibly. So, if you want to give your workouts a boost and burn even more calories, seek out a doctor or nutritionist first to receive an evaluation.

Thanks for reading and keep following our articles on food and exercise, to stay in shape in a healthy way!