The right nutrition for gout

Gout, a diagnosis that, of course, does not excite anyone.

However, this is not least due to nutrition. Because those who often eat lavishly and like to drink alcohol are more likely to be affected, like people who live healthy and only drink a glass from time to time.

Gout is due to purine-rich foods, which increase the uric acid level in the blood via metabolism. Alcohol, on the other hand, in turn inhibits uric acid excretion via the kidneys.

Thus, there is too much uric acid in the blood, which then forms crystals and is deposited in the joints.
These then trigger the very painful gout attacks. Therefore, a strict diet should be followed to prevent these symptoms.


The diet recommendation gets moving

This has been done for many years.
Those who have gout must abstain from alcohol, coffee, meat and fruit and follow a very strict diet.
However, recent studies have now thrown this strict diet a little over the pile.
Because doctors now continue to recommend a diet, but not as strict as it was years ago.

Balanced and healthy nutrition

During treatment, it is particularly important that the patient eats a balanced and healthy diet.
A little purine-rich food, such as offal, meat or seafood may also be included.
Because in small quantities these are quite justifiable.
It is therefore no longer necessary to follow a very strict diet, but in particular the balanced and healthy diet of the patient is important.

With the previously so strict diet plan, even now it is allowed to eat vegetables.
Researchers from the USA have now proven that a balanced diet does not negatively affect uric acid levels.
Thus, there is no reason to do without spinach, asparagus or legumes.
These even have a positive influence on the uric acid value.

Patients no longer even have to do without alcohol. Every now and then a glass of wine should not be bad.
Only beer, including non-alcoholic beer, and spirits should be avoided by the gout patient.
Because even the non-alcoholic beer contains a lot of purines, which should be avoided especially in gout.

This remains prohibited

Fructose should continue to be avoided. Also, this should not be consumed:

  • Sweets
  • Soft drinks
  • Multivitamin juices
  • Fruit yoghurt
  • Eise
  • Granola bars

Every now and then a little fruit is not bad.
However, no more than two servings per day should be consumed.
Because the positive effect of fruit can be used by the patient.
Of course, you can also sin from time to time, but this should remain the exception.

However, it is important, and this still applies, that overweight should be reduced.
Because excess pounds have a very negative effect on uric acid.
Therefore, it is particularly important to lose weight in order to approximate the ideal weight.

Especially overweight people usually have an increased uric acid level, which in turn can lead to diseases such as type 2 diabetes, kidney dysfunction as well as high blood pressure and even dementia.
So if you have an elevated uric acid level, you should consciously pay attention to your diet to prevent secondary diseases.

Gout and coffee

Studies have already been carried out here as well. Although they are not yet sufficiently documented, it is becoming apparent that gout patients no longer need to be banned from coffee.
However, this should also be drunk in moderation and not in masses.

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