The consumer’s right to the price of medicines

When buying medicines, many doubts arise and some of them may be related to the price of medicines. Readjustment, inspection and PMC are some of the information that can make all the difference.


Which body is responsible for controlling the values ​​of the drugs?

When they enter Brazil, the drugs go through the price approval by the Medicines Market Regulation Chamber (CMED). With this control, the sale of drugs at abusive prices and adjustments not authorized by regulatory bodies are avoided.

When can prices be adjusted?

Price changes take place annually, according to rules dictated by the competent health agencies, such as the Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa). In breach of these rules, the responsible companies are assessed.

How to know the value of the drug before buying?

Pharmaceutical companies are obliged to report monthly, through specialized magazines, the price of medicines. These publications must be available in pharmacies and drugstores, so that the consumer can do a previous search.

Certain standards have been created to assist the consumer when researching prices. One of them is the Maximum Consumer Price (PMC), used to stipulate what the maximum price that a pharmacy or drugstore can sell a product should be. Each drug has a PMC, which can be consulted, if necessary.