TDPM is even more aggressive than TPM

Changes in mood, anxiety , headache and aggression are common symptoms of PMS that cause discomfort and affect the daily lives of many women, but part of them suffers from an even more intense premenstrual strain called PMDD .

Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD) affects approximately 10% of Brazilian women. The problem that leads to extreme mood swings further undermines the routine and causes the sudden urge to isolate yourself.


Intense changes

Near the menstrual cycle, chemical changes in the body are common. Hormone levels and the production of serotonin , responsible for mood regulation, decrease considerably, changes that tend to make women unstable.

During this period, which usually happens for at least a week, the common symptoms of PMS appear and change from day to day. However, in the case of women affected by PMDD, this phase tends to become extremely difficult and even incapacitating them.

They may experience anxiety, depressed mood, swelling around the body, problems with concentration and migraine . In these cases, care needs to be even greater.


This problem is more common in certain women. Those who suffer psychological disorders, stress , anxiety, depression and problems with serotonin production are more susceptible to PMDD.

Diagnosis and treatment

Because of this, the treatment of this condition goes beyond sports practice – always recommended during PMS. As there is no possibility of detecting the neurotransmitter disorder, the diagnosis of the problem is made according to the patient’s report on the symptoms presented.

The treatment is usually prolonged, accompanying the woman for a good part of her life. Medicines such as antidepressants can be prescribed to balance serotonin levels.

To soften

Women who are affected by PMDD should follow some tips to ease its intensity:

  • Do not consume foods such as: caffeine, sweets and chocolate (they can increase the production of serotonin);
  • Avoid stressful situations;
  • Practice activities such as yoga or aerobic exercise (they help release endorphins and soothe).