Venom of the spider spider can improve erectile dysfunction

Spiders, in general, are animals that we try to avoid throughout life, either because of the fear we have of their physical shape or because of their bite, which can sometimes lead to death.

Therefore, it is always important to have some habits of care and domestic cleaning to prevent the animal from invading our home.

But the good news is that, according to a study done at the Federal University of Minas Gerais, through the poison of these animals it is possible to have benefits for male sexual health.

The research, however, showed that it is not just any spider, but the one known in Brazil as an armadeira, of the Phoneutria nigriventer species .

Scientists extracted an active ingredient from the animal’s venom that made it possible to test the effects on erectile dysfunction .

As a result of tests, the new treatment has been proven effective in mice, and may be more effective than other drugs used for this condition, for example viagra.

In addition, the discovery proved to be safe in rodents who had diseases such as hypertension and diabetes .

Which can bring new possibilities, since the medication for erectile dysfunction used until then, sildenafil , was contraindicated for patients with diabetes or hypertension.

How spider venom helps sexual health

Before you understand how the toxin helps men with erectile dysfunction, you need to understand how researchers related the effect of the organism’s substance to the spider’s own bite.

So here we go: from the moment the bite happens, the spider injects the toxin and, along with it, goes the substance called PnPP-19, which was what scientists used to make the medicine.

Then, the person who was bitten begins to experience symptoms such as loss of muscle control, breathing problems and paralysis. But there is a very specific and unique side effect: erections.

Called priapism, erectile reactions can last up to 4 hours.

So this is where the poison shows potential for sexual health, one of the reactions of the toxin in the body is the relaxation of the adipose tissue of the penis. This increases blood flow in the region and promotes erections.

And based on that, the scientists extracted this substance responsible for the reaction (PnPP-19) and made a synthetic version in two forms, one in gel and the other injectable, to be applied in order to treat problems with erectile dysfunction.

The next step is to wait for the medicine to be marketed to men, which may take a while, but it is already a promising result for those who suffer from this condition.

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Erectile dysfunction affects men of different ages. So, don’t be ashamed to see a doctor, there are several treatments that can help fight this problem.