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3 Things That Cause Snoring and How to Remedy Them

If you’ve ever shared a bed with a partner or a friend that snores in their sleep, higher chances are that you’ll agree it sometimes can be really frustrating. Snoring can make it difficult for you or your partner to fall asleep, if not wake you or them up in the middle of the night depending on who’s snoring. It can affect the victims sleep patterns, concentration, and mood. But the truth is, no one intentionally snores in their sleep. Simply put, the snorer doesn’t know when they snore; and actually, most of them don’t like the fact that they do. The interesting thing is that snoring can be caused by a myriad of factors. To skip the ABCs, here are 3 things that cause snoring and how to remedy them.

  1. Anatomical Causes

in this case, snoring occurs when there is partial blocking of the airways. The palate muscles of your mouth, tongue, and throat are very relaxed while you sleep. As the air goes through, these muscles tend to vibrate, due to this partial blockage, resulting in snoring. When we talk of the anatomical causes, we are suggesting that both your mouth and sinus anatomy doesn’t facilitate smooth breathing when you sleep. This means that the airways are very narrow. In addition to this, one may also have extra tissue at the back of the mouth that causes them to snore. This may come as enlarged tonsils or adenoids. Also, one may have a crooked partition in-between their nostrils, or the septum.

  • Remedy: For anatomical causes, surgery is the best treatment. This is because other medical remedies may fail to work on such circumstances. Surgical procedures such as tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy can be done to remove enlarged adenoids and tonsils. Additionally, a surgeon may also insert plastic implants to stiffen the soft palate tissues.


  1. Sleep Apnea

This is a medical condition where the tissues at the back of the throat collapse, thus interfering with the airways. If not treated in time, it can turn out to be a serious medical condition. Also worth mentioning, sleep apnea has been found to be highly associated with being overweight. However, not everyone who suffers from sleep apnea is overweight and not every overweight person has sleep apnea.

  • Remedy: Being a medical condition the best remedy for sleep apnea is through medication and surgical treatments suggested by your health physician. However, lifestyle changes such as maintaining a healthy weight, minimizing alcohol, and avoiding smoking can do wonders. Practicing yoga and watching your sleep position can also be helpful.


  1. Lifestyle Causes

Snoring can also be caused by certain unhealthy lifestyle habits. Some of these may include drinking, smoking, and poor diet. while alcohol tends to relax your throat and jaw muscles, tobacco can irritate your nose and throat linings, cause swelling and a discharge called catarrh. These can make you snore at night.

  • Remedy: It’s simple – maintain a healthy weight, quit smoking, and avoid taking alcohol before bedtime if not quit it.

As you can see, snoring is a problem with solutions to it. All you need is proper diagnosis and the right treatment plan. Visiting your doctor will help determine the seriousness of your snoring and the main causes. Visit https://www.thesnorewhisperer.com/ for more information about snoring and other sleep problems you may have been experiencing, their causes, and their solutions.