Bar shampoo: does it work? What are the benefits?

Usually beauty products are reformulated and presented in different versions as a way to meet consumer needs and make the use of the item more accessible and practical. This is the case, for example, of the bar shampoo.

This alternative is gaining more and more space in the hair care products sector, as it is an excellent option for those who want to reduce the use of synthetic substances in their care routine and prioritize the application of more natural formulations.

Are you curious to know the benefits of shampoo bar? Then check out the text that Minute Healthy prepared!


About shampoo bar

Bar or solid shampoo is a handmade product developed with natural and organic ingredients, which serves as an alternative to replace conventional shampoos  in general, made with various chemical substances.

The product was created in the United States due to the prohibition on transporting packages containing liquids in the hand luggage of passengers traveling on airplanes. Thus, to avoid complications many people resort to shampoo bar.

Although the item is still unknown to many people, it is becoming increasingly popular with those who aspire to have a healthier lifestyle and in balance with nature. The solid shampoo not only does it reduce the use of chemical formulations in the hair, but it also generates less intoxication for water and soil when disposed of.

Therefore, anyone who identifies with this purpose, or feels that their hair is being harmed by the use of liquid shampoos manufactured by large industries, may resort to purchasing a shampoo bar.

Benefits of shampoo bar

The bar shampoo offers several advantages, both for personal care and for the environment.

People who purchase a shampoo bar can have the following benefits:

  • No chemical substances: the biggest advantage of the product is to make it possible to replace the common liquid shampoos, which contain a large amount of ingredients made in the laboratory, such as dyes, petroleum derivatives, parabens, artificial flavors, different types of acids, among other components;
  • High concentration of natural compounds: in contrast, bar shampoos are a source of various organic substances taken from fruits, plant roots, teas, good fats, vegetables and seeds that are nutritious for the hair and are able to provide the same effect (or even more) than conventional shampoos;
  • Less risk of allergic reaction: due to the product not containing chemical ingredients, they are less likely to cause allergic symptoms in the scalp, such as flaking and hair loss;
  • Reduction of damage to nature: the bar shampoo is a beauty item considered ecological, because when it is eliminated (after rinsing the hair) it does not cause water and soil contamination, benefiting the preservation of the environment;
  • Without plastic: because it is solid, the product is usually sold in a paper package or delivered without anything directly to the consumer, resulting in a decrease in discarded plastic, different from what happens with liquid shampoo;
  • Practicality: the format makes the product take up little space, offering easier routine for those who want to load the shampoo.
  • Yield: most liquid shampoos contain around 85% water in the composition, which affects the product’s efficiency, making it necessary to apply a large shampoo to have a satisfactory result. On the other hand, the shampoo bar, due to its shape, is more concentrated, providing a good result with less quantity in the application.

How to use? It works?

The shampoo bar can be broken and divided into small parts for daily use.

The bar shampoo is very simple to use and manages to promote an excellent cleaning of the locks. First, the hair must be moistened with a little water so that when rubbing the shampoo bar on the scalp and the extension of the strands, it penetrates more easily.

In general, it is advisable to rub the product very lightly, as it is sufficient for cleaning. To finish the process, it is necessary to massage the hair for a certain time (around 3 minutes) and immediately after rinsing the locks. There is no need to use conditioner.

Another way to use it, especially for those who have thinner hair (as the friction of the bar against the hair can damage the structure of the strands), is to rub a little of the product in the hands until it is foamed and then apply.

It is worth mentioning that the result (softness, shine, restoration, nutrition, etc.) depends on each type of hair, since the needs are different, therefore, it is recommended to consult the table of ingredients used in the manufacture of the bar shampoo to ensure that the product will not harm the wires.