Sacred cascara: what are the benefits and how to drink the tea?

The sacred house was named after the Spaniards, since there is a theory that the wood of this tree was used to build the ark of the covenant, which is mentioned in the Old Testament.

Despite its Spanish name, the region between the northern United States and southern Canada is where this botanical species is most found.


What is sacred cascara?

Sacred cascara is a tree that has benefits for medicine and aesthetics. Its scientific name is Rhamnus purshiana. 

It is believed that the North American Indians had already used this plant as a natural laxative , almost a millennium ago.

Today, in addition to this purpose, the sacred cascara is used:

  • In cooking (as seasoning);
  • In diets (which prescribe the consumption of tea or supplement of this plant);
  • In the cosmetic industry (uses the sacred mask in sunscreen formulas).

What are the benefits of sacred cascara?

The main benefit of the sacred cascara is the laxative effect to combat constipation . In addition, the consumption of this plant has other advantages, such as improving the quality of sleep, combating the signs of menopause and PMS, it also helps with weight loss and contributes to aesthetics.

Learn more about these and other benefits:

Regulates the intestine

The main active compound in the sacred cascara is anthraquinone.

This substance acts in the digestive system, causing contractions in the stomach and intestine, accelerating the transformation of the fecal bolus into feces.

Prevents liver problems

The sacred Cascara promotes a cleansing of the liver, preventing the formation of stones and the development of other liver diseases (such as cirrhosis , hepatitis and cancer ).

Relieves insomnia

It acts on the central nervous system, calming muscles and nerves. This favors the relaxation of the organism and helps to sleep better and for a longer time.

Softens menopause and PMS

The sacred Cascara is an ally against the symptoms of menopause and premenstrual tension (PMS).

Another advantage of this plant for women is the relief of menstrual cramps, in addition to helping to regulate the menstrual cycle.

All of this is explained by a very simple reason: the cascara helps in the control of female hormones ( progesterone and estrogen).

Favors skin and hair beauty

The sacred cascara contains anti-aging properties that act on the skin, preventing the appearance of wrinkles and blemishes.

It also combats the natural oil in the dermis, thus helping to reduce pimples and acne .

Hair can also benefit: healthy growth and decreased hair loss are examples of these improvements.

Sacred Cascara lose weight?

If consumed alone, the sacred cascara has little chance of helping with weight loss. But if its use is combined with the practice of physical exercises and correct nutrition, this plant can help weight loss. That’s because it fights constipation, which helps the body to deflate.

Water consumption is also one of the factors that is added to the use of the sacred cascara. As, in general, there is a greater intake of water, this prevents swelling from occurring due to fluid retention.

For the effect of this plant to be enhanced, it must be consumed a few minutes before meals (for example, half an hour before lunch).

How to make sacred cascara tea?

Sacred cascara tea is made in the same way as other teas. It is very simple, just boil 25g of the plant (it can be peels, leaves or berries) with approximately 1 liter of water. Leave this infusion on the fire for 10 minutes, before straining. Then just drink it hot or cold.

How to drink tea?

This tea is strong. Therefore, it is recommended to take between 1 and 2 cups daily, taking small sips throughout the day.

You can also mix the sacred cascara with other plants such as fennel or lemongrass, in addition to adding honey or other sweeteners.

It is important to emphasize that the sacred Cascara should not be taken continuously. Its use must be done for 1 week with a minimum interval of 30 days.

Sacred cascara in capsules: what is it for and what is the dosage?

The sacred capsule in capsule is a supplement that should be taken with the recommendation of a doctor or nutritionist. It can be recommended to combat digestive problems (poor digestion and constipation), liver (cirrhosis and hepatitis) and hormonal control.

The ideal dosage varies according to medical advice, with 2 capsules a day being the maximum allowed.

These pills should be taken after a large meal (such as lunch and dinner).

Usage can be interspersed with days or weeks apart. For example: take a pill every other day.

Some examples of this capsule product are Cáscara Sagrada Herbarium ,  Cáscara Sagrada – Bionatus , Cáscara Sagrada Minas-Brasil and Figarena .

Is it bad or does it have side effects?

If consumed in excess, the sacred cascara can cause diarrhea, heartburn , stomach pain, dehydration, nausea, vomiting, dizziness and excessive sweating. To avoid these discomforts, the ideal is to talk to a doctor before using the plant.


Sacred cascara should not be consumed by pregnant women, nursing mothers and young children under the age of 6.

This is because this plant has abortive effects or that can compromise the child’s proper development and growth.

Who has appendicitis and other complications in the digestive system should talk to a doctor before using the sacred cascara, as it can aggravate the clinical condition.

How to plant?

To plant the sacred house, you don’t need a lot of space. Therefore, this plant is indicated to be cultivated in urban environments.

When the foot has gone through the growth phase and is mature, it can reach between 4 and 6 meters in height.

This tree needs a cooler climate (with temperatures around 10 ° C), mainly during its growth phase.

Its fruits appear between November and February (winter period in the northern hemisphere).

There are rare plantations of this tree in southern Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina and Chile.

Her great cultivation is in the countries of North America and Europe (which have plantations to take advantage of the medicinal benefits of the plant).

Where to buy and price

The sacred Cascara can be purchased at health food stores, fairs and homeopathic pharmacies.

The kilo costs, on average, R $ 20 depending on the region of the country and the time of year.

The capsules can vary between R $ 15 and R $ 80 depending on the number of pills and the brand.

If the patient has a medical report that proves the need for the use of sacred cascara, it is possible to purchase this plant free of charge through the Unified Health System (SUS).

Sacred Cascara is a plant that has several benefits as long as it is used correctly and in moderation.

Before consuming it, it is important to consult a nutritionist doctor to find out if its consumption is safe based on the patient’s medical condition and medical history.

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