Psychosomatic disease: do you know what it is?

The symptoms are clear, and often visible, but the medical diagnosis does not always find any changes in the exams. Although it seems impossible, this is a recurring problem in people with a disease called psychosomatic.

Very common in patients with panic disorder, the symptoms generated by the mind start to affect physical health, impairing the quality of life. It is also very common in people with hypochondria (obsessive fear of getting sick). Psychosomatic illness consists of a set of physical symptoms generated by the mind itself.

As it happens

Generally, the main cause of psychosomatic illness or somatization of symptoms is stress . Due to it, the organism starts to produce some symptoms as a kind of negative response, warning that there is something wrong.

In most cases, signs such as body aches, migraines , allergies, itching, nausea, vomiting, insomnia and weakened immune systems do not happen intentionally, but need to be taken care of.

How to fix?

There are some basic steps that help to correct this situation. The first is to seek the help of an expert. Typically, psychotherapy can be very beneficial for anyone suffering from a psychological disorder. When seeking assistance, the chances of identifying the root of the problem are greater, and in this way it is possible to try to correct or eliminate what is causing these symptoms.