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Premature Ejaculation – Causes and Drugs

Premature ejaculation means that sperm comes out very fast and is one of the most common sexual problems.

To determine if a person suffers from premature ejaculation there are three parameters:

  • Occurs within one minute after penetration,
  • The man can not control or delay ejaculation during intercourse,
  • It causes anxiety and the person avoids sexual intercourse.

In a poll done on thousands of British men, about 10 percent said they suffer from this problem many times or sometimes.

This disease is common in young people due to:

  • Excessive excitement,
  • Lack of experience,
  • Performance anxiety .

Usually men have a better aging control.

Many couples worry about the possibility that premature ejaculation may cause fertility problems .
In reality, there is only a reduction in the duration of sexual intercourse, but the man has no problems to fertilize.

There is no evidence that premature ejaculation is a hereditary problem.


Classification of premature ejaculation

The primary premature ejaculation is a chronic disease that:

  • It begins during the first sexual intercourse,
  • It continues throughout the whole existence of the individual,
  • It occurs with all or almost all sexual partners ( Waldinger MD, Hengeveld MW, Zwinderman AH, et al., An empirical operationalization study of DSM-IV diagnostic criteria for premature ejaculation, Int J Psychiatry Clin Pract 1998, 2: 287-93).

This is the most frequent type, but many men have this problem only in certain periods or situations.

Secondary Premature Ejaculation
This type occurs if the man has had no problems in the past but now has trouble delaying orgasm.
It can be progressive or it can develop along with erectile dysfunction.

Generalized precocious ejaculation
Occurs in all situations regardless of partner or level of sexual arousal.

Occasional or situational premature ejaculation
For some people it may be occasional; for example, occurs only with one partner or in a specific situation. It is usually acquired or secondary.

The best professionals to diagnose and treat premature ejaculation are:

  • The andrologist,
  • The urologist.


How long does a normal sexual relationship last?

On average, ejaculation arrives after almost 10 minutes, but some men last less than a minute before orgasm.
In some cases ejaculation occurs before penetration and obviously in this case can not provoke pregnancy.


Causes of premature ejaculation

No one knows what premature ejaculation depends on. Earlier it was believed to be only psychological, but doctors now know that premature ejaculation is more complicated and involves a complex interaction of psychological and biological factors.

These motives occur mainly in young people between 15 and 20 years or little else.
Some doctors believe that early sexual experiences can establish a psychological model that may be difficult to change later in life, such as:

  • Situations in which the individual may be in a hurry to reach the culmination, to avoid being discovered.
  • Feelings of guilt that increase the tendency to accelerate sexual encounters.

Other factors that may play a role in premature ejaculation are:

Erectile dysfunction . Men who are eager to get or keep their erection during intercourse can develop the habit of being fast in ejaculation and this can become difficult to change.

Anxiety and stress . Many men with premature ejaculation also have problems with anxiety, both in relation specifically to sexual performance, and associated with other issues (for example the fear of a pregnancy).

Relationship problems . If there has been satisfactory sexual intercourse with other partners, where premature ejaculation has rarely or never occurred, it is likely that interpersonal issues with the current partner will contribute to the disease.
The first time the individual has a sexual relationship or the first time with a new girl can create emotional tension that causes premature ejaculation.
This disorder occurs mainly during adolescence.

Lots of preliminaries . In some cases the foreplay lasts for an hour or more and the man reaches a fast orgasm by much excitement.


Biological causes of premature ejaculation

A number of biological factors can cause premature ejaculation, including:

  • Abnormal Hormone Levels
  • Abnormal levels of brain chemicals called neurotransmitters
  • Thyroid Problems
  • Inflammation and infection of the urethra or prostate
  • Short frenulum (causes the hyperstimulation of the nerve cells that transmit the sensation of pleasure, therefore the ejaculation occurs before). In some cases the man may resort to surgery to solve this problem.
  • Varicocele . There are assumptions that this disease can cause or aggravate premature ejaculation, but there is no evidence in this regard.
  • Phimosis and paraphimosis – this is the narrowing of the foreskin (skin covering the glans). In this case, the doctor may recommend circumcision to remove the foreskin.
  • Hereditary factors.

Rarely, premature ejaculation is caused by damage to the nervous system resulting from trauma or surgery.

What to do? Treatment for premature ejaculation

When the individual has a mild premature ejaculation (for example, it is possible to last five minutes but the desire would be that of lasting 10 minutes), it probably does not make sense to go to a doctor.
Because? Because the individual should be able to improve the situation using simple distraction techniques.
This means directing the mind to something else when the individual feels that the orgasm is near.
For example, it is possible to think of something that has nothing to do with sexual intercourse or pinching.


Local anesthetic cream or gel

Some men try to treat themselves with a local anesthetic gel that is applied to the shaft of the penis shortly before intercourse.
Usually this product contains lidocaine.
Although the publicity claims that this product is indicated to reduce the sexual sensation in the penis, it is not advisable to use this gel because the local anesthetic can anesthetize the sexual sensation of the partner.
It can also cause a painful reaction of the skin, accompanied by:

Antidepressant medications

Serotonin is the natural brake in the ejaculation reflex.
A low level of this neurotransmitter is one of the main causes of premature ejaculation.
Antidepressants have the ability to raise the level of serotonin.

It is possible to treat premature erection with antidepressant medications taken a few hours before intercourse.
The group of drugs that are used primarily for this purpose is that of SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors).
The use of these medications may seem a little strange, but the delay of the male orgasm is a known side effect of some antidepressants.

For most men, this side effect is not desired, but men with premature ejaculation long for this effect.
The most commonly used antidepressants for this purpose include:

  • Dapoxetine (Priligy ®),
  • Clomipramina (Anafranil ®),
  • Fluoxetina (Prozac ®),
  • Sertraline (Zoloft ®).

However, one must be careful: these are powerful medicines that have a considerable list of possible side effects.


Preservativos ‘Long Love’

German scientists have treated the issue with a slightly different approach that does not cause vaginal irritation.
It’s called a ‘Long Love’ condom and contains a local anesthetic (lidocaine or benzocaine) inside.
Long love condoms are now sold in many countries under different brands.
Some male patients said that the relationship lasts longer with these condoms, but the man is at risk of having an  allergic reaction to the local anesthetic .