Pharmacy test: is it reliable? See brands and prices

Pregnancy tests acquired in pharmacies are commonly sought after the appearance of the first symptoms of pregnancy: delayed menstruation , nausea and vomiting.

Therefore, they are usually an accessible measure, sought as a quick alternative to solve the doubt about the possibility of pregnancy. However, it is not difficult to find someone who has already had an incorrect result from this type of test.

Therefore, we will answer some very recurring questions in this regard. Check and understand if the pharmacy test is reliable, how to understand the results and brand options:


Is pharmacy testing reliable?

-Yeah . Pregnancy tests purchased at a pharmacy are reliable, although they are not the most effective alternative for detecting pregnancy in its early stages.

This is because, during this period, it is common for hCG (hormone indicative of pregnancy) concentrations to still be low – that is, easily diluted in the urine throughout the day.

Therefore, the pharmacy test is considered safer when performed after a few days of menstrual delay.

Because, in these cases, if the woman is actually pregnant, the chances of a “false negative” result are minimal, since, in such circumstances, the levels of hCG will be more constant and high.

In this way, the most reliable alternative to detect pregnancy in the initial phase is through the performance of a blood test .

Can you take a pregnancy test any time of the day?

-Yeah . There is no contraindicated schedule for the pregnancy test purchased at the pharmacy, but it is recommended to use the first urine of the day when possible.

This is especially true for those who wish to discover pregnancy early, that is, before the onset of the first symptoms – such as delayed menstruation, for example.

This is because the test aims to measure the levels of the human chorionic gonadotropin hormone ( hCG ), which is more concentrated in the early hours of the day. Therefore, there is no dilution of this hormone in the urine with liquids and toxins.

In this sense, the recommendation is to avoid drinking a lot of liquid (even if it is water) before taking the test, as it will make the urine more diluted – or perform the procedure after a few hours without urinating, in order to increase hCG concentrations.

It is worth mentioning that if you are already having your period delayed for a few days / weeks or with other symptoms (that is, with a greater chance of testing positive for pregnancy), the test can be done at any time. Since, in that case, hormone levels will naturally be higher at all times.

What is the best time to take the pharmacy pregnancy test?

The best time to do the pharmacy pregnancy test is therefore in the morning (just after waking up), due to the higher concentrations of the hormone hCG in the urine.

Done in this way, it is more difficult for the so-called “false negative” to occur. In other words, the test indicates that the woman is not pregnant, when in fact it was not possible to certify the pregnancy due to low hCG concentrations.

What happens, especially, when the pregnancy is still very recent and the hormone levels are not so high. With this, being easily diluted in the urine throughout the day.

How to know if the pharmacy pregnancy test was positive?

To find out if the pharmacy pregnancy test was positive is quite simple. There are those that are simpler, with a stick that will appear 1 risk for negative and 2 risks for positive . And there are also the digital ones: these, say the words “pregnant” or “not pregnant”.

Some digital tests even indicate the approximate time of pregnancy.

So it is ideal to first read the information on the box or in the instruction guide that comes with some tests. With that, you will know how that test works and how it presents its results, since not all are the same.

In this sense, it is also essential to pay attention to the time of action of the test, since some may be faster than others. But, on average, it takes a maximum of 5 minutes .

However, there are times when with the expected action time the result indicates negative and, after a few more minutes, the positive result for pregnancy may appear. So, when there is a divergence of results, a doctor should be sought.

From there, it will be possible to perform a blood test and have an accurate confirmation. It is worth noting that this applies when the divergence occurs on the same test (it was negative and changed to positive) or on different tests (one was positive and the other negative).

What is the best pharmacy pregnancy test?

Pharmacy tests, in general, are safe as long as they are carried out following the manufacturer’s guidelines. However, it is worth noting that the safest option, especially to detect pregnancy early on, is the blood test.

However, pharmacy tests are often a more immediate alternative. And they are still a very popular form for the first pregnancy test.

In this sense, it is necessary to choose reliable and safe tests . So, check out some options found in pharmacies:


There are two pregnancy tests from the Clearblue brand: the digital type test and the so-called “ plus ”.

The digital test is in the pen format, which means that it is not the one on the strip, but a device where you should pee on the indicated part (tip). Unlike others, it presents the result in writing – then “pregnant” or “not pregnant” will appear on the display.

If so, the approximate number of gestational weeks also appears.

The mark indicates that the result is 3 minutes after the test is performed and that there is 99% accuracy. It even highlights that the test can be done up to 4 days before the scheduled date for the next menstruation.

Regarding the “plus” test, the difference is that it is not a digital test and does not indicate the weeks. He does not give the result in writing, but mixes the shape of the pen with the strip.

Therefore, the result is based on the appearance of streaks: if there is only one risk, it is negative and, in the case of a + sign (two crossed risks), it means positive.

The value * of the digital test is around R $ 35 to R $ 50 and the plus test is between R $ 12 and R $ 25.

* Prices consulted in October 2020. Prices may change.


The Famivita brand pregnancy test is in strip format. Therefore, you can pee directly on the strip or in a collection cup, and then immerse the strip for the indicated time.

This model has a strip hypersensitive to the hormone hCG (which indicates pregnancy) and, therefore, can be used even before menstrual delay occurs. Which is a positive point for those who want to detect pregnancy early.

The reading time of the result should occur between 3 and 5 minutes after the test, with 1 risk equal to negative and 2 risks positive.

The brand offers packaging with 1, 2, 5 or 10 strips, so that the woman has the option to retake the test if she feels the need. As for the value, the unit costs R $ 3.90 * on the brand’s website.

* Prices consulted in October 2020. Prices may change.

Confirm More

The Confirme brand has the so-called “ plus ” as its safest and most effective test . It is in pen format, with a reagent strip at the tip. In this way, just urinate directly in the indicated area or leave it immersed in a collection cup for 10 seconds.

Likewise with the tests of the brand Clearblue and Famivita, it can also be performed even without the delay of menstruation, due to its high sensitivity to detect the hormone hCG .

To read the final result, wait around 3 minutes. This one will appear in the form of streaks: 1 for negative and 2 for positive.

As for the value, the package with 1 unit can cost between R $ 12 and R $ 22 *.

* Prices consulted in October 2020. Prices may change.

Grav Test Click

The Grav Test Click test indicates 99.9% accuracy in your result. It is available in pen format, in order to facilitate handling when performing the procedure. However, the final indication is the same as for the strip: 1 risk for negative and 2 for positive.

To read the result, the brand says that the estimated time is 5 minutes.

Still, as for the indication of use, its effectiveness occurs from the 1st day of menstrual delay , that is, it may not be the best option for those who want to certify the pregnancy early.

Regarding the value * of the product, the box with 1 unit (only option available) costs around R $ 10, and can reach up to close to R $ 30 depending on the establishment.

* Prices consulted in October 2020. Prices may change.


The pregnancy test in strip format , from the brand Needs, guarantees 99% accuracy in its results and is recommended for use from the 1st day of menstrual delay . Thus, like the Grav Test Click, it is not the best option for detecting early pregnancy.

Despite being in a strip, it is not necessary to pee directly on it, as the product accompanies a collecting cup – in which the strip must be immersed (without exceeding the limit provided for in the strip).

As for the time to read the results, it is indicated to wait 5 minutes. After that time, 1 (indicates negative) or 2 (indicates positive) stripes should appear on the strip.

This test is sold in packs of 1 and the price * is around R $ 7.

* Prices consulted in October 2020. Prices may change.

Pharmacy pregnancy tests can be a good option for emergencies or even to simply end anxiety about the possibility of being pregnant. However, for safer and more reliable results, clinical examinations should be performed.

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