If the diagnosis shows the presence of diverticulitis, the doctor prescribes a liquid diet and antibiotics . Thus, the patient must remain hospitalized for several days.
Although ulcers are often cured with medications or a change in diet, some cases are serious and require surgery.
In case of ovarian cyst or tumoror Fallopian tubes, a biopsy is usually useful to check if it is carcinogenic.
In some cases, if the tumor is dangerous to our life, the doctor performs a  hysterectomy .


Natural remedies for pain on the left side of the abdomen

To relieve pain in general, you should:

  1. Place a bottle of hot water or a device that produces heat on the affected area.
  2. Find a comfortable position and relax.
  3. Take pain medications without a prescription that do not cause irritation in the stomach.
  4. Wear clothing that does not squeeze.
  5. Avoid intense physical activity.
  6. Eat only what you can without pain.