Oxyros can live for about 7-8 weeks in the gut.
The infection occurs when you swallow the eggs of pinworms.
Eggs hatch in the gut.


Who can be infected with oxyurium?

The risk of infection increases in children who:

  • They live in community,
  • Attend crowded schools and gyms.

Oxyuria infestation occurs throughout the world and affects people of all ages and social levels.
Oxyuria infests children more frequently in preschool and school age .

Oxyuria in adults Oxyuria
infestation often occurs in more than one family member.
Adults are less likely to be infected, excluding the mothers of infected children.
However, adult sexual partners may transfer the eggs to each other.


Causes of oxyus infection

Infestation by oxyurea occurs when accidentally swallowing ova eggs.
The ingested microscopic eggs can be brought to through:

  • Food,
  • Contaminated beverages,
  • Finger contact.

Once ingested, eggs hatch into the intestine and become adult worms (2-5 mm) within a few weeks.
Eggs of oxyurians can survive in the open air for two or three weeks.
Unlike other parasites, oxyurius eggs can infest the host soon after its deposition.

How long do oxyurians and eggs live?

About four weeks after ingestion, the adult female moves toward the anus and leaves the body to lay eggs on the skin around the anus (perianal region).
This process occurs overnight.
After deposition, the worm dies.

The eggs hatch in the intestine two weeks after being swallowed.
Two weeks later the worm is able to reproduce, this is the incubation period.

Oxygens that affect humans can not infect pets.
However, some microscopic eggs can get in the hair of a pet and from there they can be transferred to humans when they pet the dog or cat.


Symptoms of oxytocin infection

Many people have no symptoms.

  • Some feel itching around the anus or vagina .
    The itching can be intense and can disrupt sleep.
    Anal and vaginal itching is one of the most common symptoms in adults and children.
    Usually the female worm lays eggs overnight as the host (person) sleeps.
    The itching occurs due to the inflammation caused by the worm and the eggs in the perianal tissue.
    The person with oxyurea scratches and therefore the skin in this area can tear, causing further infection.
  • The insomnia is another symptom. This problem occurs due to constant itching in the anal area.
  • Another symptom is pain in the lower abdomen , but this occurs if infestation by oxyuriums becomes severe.
  • Sometimes the infected person may feel pain when urinating , the oxyuriums can cause problems in the genito-urinary tract.
  • The weight loss  is another symptom, although this is common to many other infections.
  • Ranger teeth or bruxism (this occurs mainly in children infected with worms)
  • Pee in bed
  • The child shows signs of skin rash or hives
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Constipation or diarrhea
  • Fatigue and irritability due to lack of sleep
  • Slimming , the worm eats the food that is found in the host’s gut.


How are oxyuriuses transmitted?

Oxyuria infestation occurs mainly due to lack of hygiene.
Eggs are transferred from the anus of an infected person to:

  • Boca,
  • Another surface.

If a person touches a contaminated surface and then touches the mouth, they can ingest the eggs.
An oxiúro can put thousands of eggs.

Eggs can be transferred from the anus of the person to:
1. Bedding;
2. Carpets;
3. Hands;
4. Towels;
5. Interior furniture and clothing.

During spawning, the female oxyurium releases a mucus that causes itching and an urge to itch the affected area (anus / vagina).
If you scratch the leather inside the anus, the eggs will be transferred to the patient’s hands.
From your hands, eggs can be transferred to everything you touch, such as:

  • Bathing utensils (combs, toothbrush, etc.);
  • Directly in the hands of other people (if the hands of an infected person touch the hands of another);
  • Furniture;
  • Kitchen and bath surfaces;
  • Kitchen utensils;
  • Toys;
  • Mouth, eggs can survive up to three weeks on surfaces. When they touch and then the hands come into contact with the person’s mouth, there is a risk of ingestion of the eggs.

Breathing Eggs – Microscopic eggs can disperse in air, can be breathed in and swallowed.
This can occur if you shake a towel or a sheet.

Lack of hygiene. Children are more likely to be infected because they do not wash their hands well compared to adults.

Children may also have long-term infections because they swallow eggs continuously.
Generally, children are in contact with each other, share toys and hold hands  when they play.
This makes re-infection easier.

The parasite can be transmitted during sexual contact .


Complications of oxyus infection

Infestation by oxyurea does not cause serious problems.
In rare circumstances, the consequences of a serious infestation may be:

1. Infection of the female genitalia . In women or girls, the parasite can travel from the anal region to:

  • Vulva,
  • Uterus,
  • Fallopian tube,
  • The area that surrounds the pelvic organs.

This can cause problems like inflammation:

  • From the vagina (vaginitis),
  • From the inner wall of the uterus ( endometritis ),
  • From the fallopian tubes (salpingite).

2. Thinning .
When so many adult worms enter the intestine, these worms can:

  • Causing abdominal pain,
  • Eat the nutrients during digestion.

The consequence is a weight loss.


Diagnosis of oxyus infection

The nocturnal itching in the perianal area of ​​a child is a strong suspicion of oxyfury infestation.
The diagnosis is made by identifying the parasite or its eggs.
Oxyuores can sometimes be seen:

  • In the skin near the anus,
  • In the underwear, pajamas or lenções,
  • In the feces.

In the feces the worms look like small pieces of white cotton yarn.
Oxy-ureas are difficult to see because of their size and white color.


Exams and Tests for Oxyuria

If a person suspects of having oxyuriums but does not see them, they can do the test of the tape.
It is best to do so:

  • At night, during the intense itching,
  • Early in the morning before going to the bathroom to wash up.

Glue a piece of scotch over the anal orifice and leave for ten minutes: the females and the eggs will stay on the tape.
Then press the skin around the anus to collect all the eggs.
After the procedure is completed, you need to deliver the tape to a doctor who puts it under a microscope to look for the oxyurium eggs.
Your doctor may ask the person to use several pieces of tape to increase the chances of seeing the eggs.
single test  can detect worms in about 50% of cases.
If the test is repeated three times, it will detect the 90% of cases of oxyfury infestation.

Blood tests are not necessary to confirm the diagnosis of oxyfluenza infestation.

Differential diagnosis

The doctor should rule out the following conditions that may cause anal itching and white spots on the perianal area:
1. Candida ;
2. Dermatitis .


What is the treatment for oxy-infestation

Treatment for oxyurea provides prescription or over-the-counter medications.
Your doctor should be consulted before starting treatment if you think you have worms.

Among the medicines available, there are the following pesticides:
1. Mebendazole
2. Albendazole

Treatment requires two doses of the drug, the second dose is given two weeks after the first.

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding
Special attention to hygiene is the recommended treatment for women:

  • Pregnant,
  • Who are breastfeeding.

during the first 13 weeks of pregnancy can not be given:

  • Mebendazol,
  • Albendazol.

During the 2nd and 3rd trimesters of pregnancy and during breastfeeding this medicine can be taken if necessary.
This decision must be made by a qualified doctor.
It is advisable to take home remedies until delivery, it is most likely sufficient.

All surfaces and objects touched by the infected person should be treated at the same time.
Relapsing oxyuriums are a frequent problem, so a strict observation of hygiene rules is crucial, for example:

  • Wash hands properly,
  • Keep nails short and clean,
  • Avoid chewing your nails,
  • Do not scratch the perianal area).


Natural Remedies for Oxyfung Infestation

In addition to the medications mentioned above, you can try some home remediesand a change in diet to treat the worms.

  1. It is advisable to eat a small clove of garlic , preferably raw.
    You can mix the garlic with honey.
  2. Another useful food is lemon peel , although it is not easy for the child to eat lemon.
  3. Since worms feed on sugars and carbohydrates, it is best to minimize these foods in your diet.
  4. You can prepare a paste with a clove of garlic and about 1/2 of honey .
    This mixture should be applied in the anal region because it helps to kill the eggs and reduce the itching.
  5. Change and wash bedding frequently , with water at least 60 degrees.

Should an infected person’s family do the treatment? 
Yes. The infected person and all persons dying in the same household must be treated simultaneously.


Diet and food against oxyurea

People who suffer from recurrent parasitic infections (such as candidiasis ) know that the drugs do not resolve the problem permanently, while switching food can prevent a recurrence of the infection.
It is advisable to eat natural foods, avoiding:

  • Sugar, sugary foods and drinks,
  • Milk, dairy products,
  • Refined carbohydrates such as white rice,
  • Creamy sweets.
  • Pizza,
  • Café.

According to the vegan / raw diet, you can eat:

  • Fruits,
  • Vegetables,
  • Walnuts and nut seeds, especially pumpkin seeds that have a vermicidal effect.
  • Potatoes,
  • Legumes, preferably fresh.


Prevention of oxyus infection

  • Bathing in the morning and changing underwear helps remove lots of eggs.
  • The shower may be preferred to avoid possible contamination of the water in the bath.
  • Intensive clothing, pajamas, towels and bed linen must be changed frequently.
    These tissues should be washed in warm water , particularly after each treatment of the infected person until they eliminate the infection.
  • Cook the meat and fish well.
  • The plants  should remain sauce in a basin with water and sodium bicarbonate for 5 minutes.


How long do the oxyuriums last? Prognosis

It is possible to eradicate the infestation by oxiúros with a medication and proper hygiene.
Symptoms of oxyurius infection may disappear by carefully following hygiene rules.
However, since oxyurius eggs are invisible to the naked eye and are highly contagious, a re-infection is likely.
A person can become infected:

  • By itself,
  • With someone else’s eggs.

If there are several recurring infections after family treatment, people and places outside your home may be the primary source of oxyurium eggs.

The drugs kill the worms, but the eggs remain, when they hatch new worms are born.
Not all eggs hatch at the same time, so it is important to complete the treatment.
The healing time may be  two weeks .
However, it is important to wash bedding at least once a day and any surfaces that may come in contact with oxyurium eggs.

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