Lychee: see the benefits of the fruit and help you lose weight

Composed mainly of water, the lychee is a tropical fruit originally Chinese, but which is very successful in Brazil. Known for its sweet taste and vibrant color, it has several benefits for those who consume it.

Thinking about it, in addition to consumption in natura, there are supplements and even beauty products that make use of the properties of the fruit.

Check out the benefits the lychee provides:


Benefits: what lychee is it good for?

Among the various benefits provided by this fruit are the maintenance of the immune system, skin protection, strengthening of hair and nails and aid in weight loss. Check out a little more about the benefits of consuming the fruit:

Regulation of the digestive system

Rich in fiber – plant compounds – lychee helps to regulate the activities of the intestine, facilitating digestion.

In addition to assisting in the maintenance of the intestinal microbiota, it also helps in better absorption of nutrients by the body.

Maintenance of the immune system

With plenty of vitamin C, lychee acts to maintain the immune system. By causing increased immunity, lychee helps to keep the body healthy due to increased or strengthened immunity.

Rejuvenating effect

Because it contains antioxidants, such as vitamin C, the fruit has an anti-aging action. It also contributes to the production of collagen – a protein that maintains the youthful appearance of the skin.

In addition, it can give a boost to the control of oiliness and, consequently, reduces pimples.

Strengthening of hair and nails

Because of the presence of vitamin B in its composition, lychee helps in strengthening hair and nails.

The vitamin is related to the production of keratin – protein that makes up the hair and nails – and, together with other minerals such as calcium, contributes to a strong and healthy growth of tissues, such as hair and nails.

Regulation of blood pressure

Rich in potassium, the fruit helps in maintaining blood pressure. The mineral present in lychee acts to combat the effects of sodium – which when consumed in an exaggerated manner, can raise blood pressure. Therefore, consumption acts by reducing the symptoms of so-called high blood pressure .

Heart protection

Lychee contains oligonol – a substance linked to the reduction of visceral fat. When present, this fat can carry risks of cardiovascular disease.

The consumption of the fruit helps to reduce the chances of developing these diseases.

Blood glucose control

The consumption of lychee can help control blood glucose, as the fruit contains substances such as hypoglycine, which interferes with glucose synthesis. Moderately, the berry can have a positive effect on blood sugar regulation.

How to use lychee?

Lychee can be consumed both fresh and in recipes. Covered by a red peel and with a white interior, the fruit can be eaten individually or accompanied by sweet desserts and savory dishes.

Another possibility is consumption through teas with the peel of the fruit or even juices with water or milk.

Always remember that the peel is not edible raw, despite participating in the preparation of culinary recipes!

The ideal intake is 3 to 4 units a day, enough to supply our body’s daily vitamin C needs.

Lychee in capsule

A good option for those who want to take advantage of the benefits of lychee is the intake of supplements that concentrate the fruit’s nutrients.

The recommendation is to take 2 capsules, 2 times a day, preferably before meals or according to medical instructions.

Lychee in cosmetics

The beauty industry uses the fruit to enrich the formula of some products, which, when combined with other elements, can bring improvements to the hair and skin.

In addition to being used for the creation of fragrances, lychee also offers products its antioxidant and restorative properties.

For the use of this type of product, it is recommended to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Lychee helps you lose weight?

Indirectly, yes . Free of saturated fats and cholesterol, lychee assists in the weight loss process.

It has a low calorie level, about 6.5 calories per unit. Thus, together with the fibers present in its composition, the fruit provides a feeling of satiety without major caloric gains.

The berry also has vitamins of the B complex , which help the metabolism in fat burning.

Despite this, it is always worth remembering that the fruit alone does not work miracles, but it can be a good ally for those who want to lose a few extra pounds.

Is it bad to eat too much lychee? It can kill?

-Yeah . Despite the advantages offered by lychee, it can bring some harm to health when consumed in excess.

The fruit has a substance called hypoglycine – a toxin that inhibits the ability of glucose to synthesize. This can lead to hypoglycemia .

If consumed in large quantities, in a situation of malnutrition or prolonged fasting, it can trigger serious problems resulting from the glycemic drop. For example, intestinal, respiratory problems, seizures and, in more severe cases, even death can occur .

In addition, some people may be sensitive to components of the fruit, and it is always relevant to consult a doctor in case of allergic reaction.

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Price and where to buy

The price of lychee can vary according to the season (its fruiting occurs between the months of November and January). In general, lychee is found in markets and fairs for around R $ 15.00 / kg.

Lychee capsules are found in pharmacies and health food stores. The supplement with 60 capsules costs between R $ 20.00 and R $ 30.00 reais.

Among the supplement options that can be found is Lychee Bionatus .

Supplementation should only be used with medical or nutritional advice. Always remember to consult a specialist before using the product.

Regarding aesthetics, lychee is used in shampoos, creams and perfumes. Some options include:

  • Dermage Delifresh Revitalizing Facial Mask ;
  • Shampoo Haskell Color Revive;
  • Leave-in Regenerador Haskell Color Revive;
  • Máscara Regeneradora Haskell Color Revive.

Prices vary according to the specificity and brand of the product.

Although very nutritious, not everyone knows the benefits of consuming lychee.

And you, already knew the advantages of including the fruit in your daily diet? Tell us in the comments! The Healthy Minute brings other information about health and well-being for you to know other foods that contribute to the good quality of life!