The Patriot ProCare ® is a one-piece orthosis that provides adequate support, limits cervical spine flexion, extension and rotation to aid patient recovery after trauma.

The collar is made of durable polyethylene and lined for maximum patient comfort.

The collar is adjustable depending on the height of the neck of adults and children.

The tracheal opening gives rapid access to the pulse of the carotid to measure the heart rate in emergency situations.

The collar is made of materials that do not contain latex.


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The Patriot ProCare ® collar serves to limit the rotation, extension and flexion of the cervical spine.





  • Stabilize the neck during emergency tracheotomy.
  • Support in case of cervical hyperextension
  • Reduce the intake of anti-inflammatory drugs
  • Decrease cervical pain
  • Improve neck functionality
  • Improve the quality of life.