Lumba: natural remedies and exercises

If the back is blocked and the patient is bent forward, there are several options for rapid improvement.


Natural remedies for lumbago

In order to shorten the recovery time, the following recommendations should be followed:

Apply heat to the back. Do not apply heat until the initial swelling has passed. Never put ice or a cold object on your back.
Take a hot bath. Natural remedies include a hot bath or shower.
After the first day, the heat increases the elasticity of the muscles; a hot bath should last about 20 minutes.

Pregnant women should not take a hot bath or stay in the hot tub for a long time. Raising body temperature above 37°C over a long period of time can be harmful to the child or lead to spontaneous abortion.

One can apply a warming ointment like devil’s claw for relief, or use a natural anti-inflammatory, like arnica.

Use of a support belt. Old home remedies include a belt that supports the back. You can wear a soft abdominal bandage all day long, while orthopedic support should only be used for a short time or when performing heavy or repetitive work.

Body movement can be very helpful.
Don’t lie in bed or on the sofa all day, because that can make the pain worse.
The posture in bed can be on the side or in the supine position (belly up), not sleeping in the prone position with the stomach down.

Maintain the muscle tone of the abdominal and back muscles.
Contrary to popular belief, resting is not the best treatment for a strain of the back. On the contrary, the pain increases. After a few days of rest, one should perform light physical exercises.

Buy a new mattress. A soft mattress can make back problems worse. There is no evidence that waterbeds relieve back pain.

A massage increases blood circulation in the back, relaxes the lumbar muscles and leads to the release of endorphins (natural anti-inflammatories).
The main problem is that the patient can not stretch his back because the anterior muscles (abdominal muscles) are cramped. Therefore, it is extremely important to loosen these muscles through massage therapy, especially the psoas muscles.

Chiropractic and osteopathy. Vertebral manipulation is an option to relax the back muscles and promote healing.


Gymnastics is important both for prevention and for the improvement of problems.
The exercises must not cause pain.
Without a few simple exercises, the back muscles can become weak.
If the muscles are weak, complete healing is difficult.

If there is a muscle injury, special exercises must be performed to stretch and strengthen the muscles of the back, hips and abdomen.
These exercises are simple, no special equipment is required and you can do them at home.
If the patient does not feel pain, he can ride a bike after the first days of rest.

How long can lumbago last? Prognosis

As a rule, the symptoms subside significantly over the course of a few days.
However, one should not start exercising prematurely as long as the following activities cause pain:

  • bending the back,
  • turning the upper body,
  • Run
  • Jump.

If you start exercising before recovery, the strain can worsen and lead to chronic back pain.

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