List of low carb foods: check the options allowed

Have you heard about the ” low carb ” diet ? This type of dietary routine consists of considerably decreasing the consumption of carbohydrates , mainly for the purpose of losing weight.

In contrast, some people simply opt for this lifestyle to maintain a lighter and healthier diet. Thinking about it, we will list some foods considered low carb (low carbohydrate content) and their respective benefits:


What is low carb?

The practice of a “low carb” diet is based on the lower consumption of carbohydrates , which includes grains (even whole grains), pasta, breads, cakes and sugars.

Thus, the idea is to replace the consumption of these items with fibers (green leaves, oats, lentils, etc.) and fats (such as olive oil). In addition, protein sources (meat, chickpeas, eggs) and vegetables are part of this type of diet.

The green leaves are a fundamental part of the low carb diet, mainly due to the low calories and high fiber content.

Thus, one of the benefits of this type of food is the greater feeling of satiety . When this “exchange” of carbohydrates is made for ingredients that are sources of fat and protein, there is a lower daily caloric consumption, due to the satiety provided by such foods.

So, consequently, the person eats less. What can contribute to the weight loss process .

In addition to promoting weight loss, a low carb diet can also contribute to health, helping to lower the level of triglycerides (fat) in the blood, controlling glucose and insulin, reducing blood pressure and increasing HDL levels (“ good cholesterol ”).

However, this change in eating habits should only be done under medical supervision, considering that just like any diet, it is not suitable for everyone and can bring risks .

Therefore, the first step is to seek the guidance of a professional specialized in nutrition, in order to eliminate any possible health risk.

What foods are allowed in the low carb diet?

In a low carb diet, there are basically two groups of foods: those that can be consumed without restriction (but always with balance) and those for occasional consumption, that is, that cannot be eaten at will. See what they are:


The items that can be part of the low carb diet and that do not need restriction are:

  • Meat – beef, pork, poultry, fish;
  • Eggs – all types, especially free-range eggs;
  • Vegetables and legumes – broccoli, cauliflower, chard, cherry tomatoes, kale, asparagus, zucchini, spinach, cucumber, onion, arugula, endive, lettuce;
  • Oilseeds – chia, flaxseed;
  • Dairy products – butter, sour cream;
  • Cheeses – cottage, rennet, cream cheese, gorgonzola, dish, parmesan;
  • Fats – coconut oil, lard, olive oil.

In addition, drinks such as tea, coffee, water and even some juices (such as green juice) can be part of this diet. The important thing is not to include anything with sugar, since they are carbohydrates and, therefore, should not be present in a low carb diet.

With moderation

As for the items that can be consumed, but sporadically , there are:

  • Legumes – peas, beans, chickpeas, lentils, soybeans;
  • Gluten – free grains – rice, quinoa, oats, corn;
  • Oilseeds – almonds, Brazil nuts, walnuts, pistachios, macadamia nuts;
  • Tubers – potato, sweet potato, cassava, radish, beet;
  • Vegetables and vegetables – carrots, green beans, turnip, radish, pumpkin, peppers;
  • Fruits – strawberry, avocado, coconut, blackberry, lemon, melon;
  • Dairy products – yogurt (skimmed), ice cream (without sugar);
  • Cheeses – brie, mines, fresal, tofu;
  • Meat – sausage, bologna, turkey breast, ham, salami.

70% cocoa chocolate and red wine can also be included in moderation.

List of low carb foods

As seen in the previous topic, there are many foods allowed in the low carb diet, so that even though it constitutes a change in eating habits, it still allows for a wide variety of items.

Let’s see more details about some of them, as well as their other characteristics (high in fiber and low calorie) and benefits (help with weight loss, speed up metabolism). Check out:

Low carb fruits

Fruits can be part of the low carb diet, but always in moderation and giving preference to those with low carbohydrate content, it is also worth paying attention (a) to the amount of fiber and protein . In this sense, some options are:

FruitCarbohydrates (in 50g)Fiber (in 50g)Proteins (in 50g)
Coconut (pulp)7.6g4.5g1.7g

In addition to being a source of fibers (collaborate to the feeling of satiety and intestinal functioning) and proteins (help in the formation of lean mass and provide energy), these fruits are also rich in vitamins (such as A, B, C) and minerals ( calcium, iron, potassium).

Rich in fibers

We have already seen that some fruits are, in addition to being low in carbohydrates, an excellent source of fiber. However, they should not be part of daily consumption on the low carb diet. So, check out some of the items that can be consumed without restriction and that are rich in fiber:

ItemCarbohydrates (in 50g)Fiber (in 50g)
Cabbage (cooked)2.8g2.0g

Recalling that the main function of fibers in the body is to promote digestive processes. But, in addition, they also contribute to the feeling of satiety, as well as to the control of blood glucose and cholesterol.

Therefore, they can also favor the weight loss process , a very common goal for those who choose low carb food.

Low calorie

Whereas one of the main goals of the low carb diet is weight loss. For this reason, it is also common to prefer low-calorie meals and foods, in order to reach caloric deficit (spend more calories than consumed) and weight loss .

In this respect, we can mention some well-known ingredients, such as:

ItemCarbohydrates (in 50g)Calories (in 50g)
Green pepper2.3g10kcal
Carrot (raw)4.8g20kcal
Kale (raw)0.6g13.5kcal

It is worth mentioning that, although these foods have a low number of calories, they can still be a source of nutrients and their consumption can benefit the health of the body.

Ingredients that speed up metabolism

The ingredients that speed up metabolism contribute to functions such as regulating body temperature, burning fat and generating energy. Thus, the full functioning of the metabolic system contributes to the functioning of the body and can help those who want to lose weight more quickly.

Thinking about it, some items considered low carb and that help to have a faster metabolism are the following:

Coffee (100mL)0.0g
Green tea (100mL)0.2g
Ginger (1 teaspoon, 2g)0.4g
Fresh tuna (100g)0.0g

In addition, it is also possible to include in the diet spices such as peppers (pepperoni, pepperoni, red) and cinnamon, which favor the functioning of the metabolic system.