Study indicates that losing weight can relieve migraine pain

American and Italian researchers have found that losing weight can improve the pain of migraine sufferers due to obesity . In addition to the pain appearing with less intensity and frequency, the duration of the crisis can also be reduced with weight loss.

The research was done in the United States. In all, ten surveys were used with the participation of 473 people (adults and children). The scientists assessed migraine attacks, the Body Mass Index ( BMI ) and the need for bariatric surgery.

The factors that link obesity to migraine are still unknown to the medical community. Other research has already shown that people with obesity or extreme thinness are more likely to develop pain-related illnesses. New studies are being done in this field.

Weight loss, in addition to improving migraine attacks, reduces cholesterol and the chances of developing diabetes , hypertension and cardiorespiratory diseases. Researchers believe that there is a relationship between modern life ( fast foods , physical inactivity, etc.) and high rates of obesity.


How to lose weight without losing health?

When it comes to losing weight, there are many diets and medications that promise to be miraculous. These acts are not recommended and can cause damage to the body. Some habits can help you lose weight without damaging your health:


Burning calories through physical activity reduces the fats in the body that are ingested through food.

Opt for healthy foods

Fruits, vegetables, whole grains and cereals are the best option to have a balanced diet. In addition to including these foods in your meals, replace fatty foods with healthier options (for example, at dinner, replace the pizza with a natural sandwich).

This helps you lose weight without starving. If in doubt about how many calories to eat or what to eat at each meal, consult a nutritionist.

Take notes or plan

Write down your current weight, your ideal weight and how many pounds you are losing per week, for example. Marking data such as what you ate, how much you ate and why you ate (hunger, anxiety , boredom) can motivate you to improve your diet.

The amount of hours dedicated to physical activity can also encourage the continuity of your weight loss plan.

Controlling weight is not always an easy task. But it is important to have this concern to avoid, prevent and improve some conditions.