Loneliness in old age can lead to depression

Feeling lonely is the gateway to many types of problems, especially in old age. After that age, children usually leave home and free time without company can bring many problems, the main one being depression .

From the third age onwards, a series of problems can affect the elderly and mood disorders, such as depression, are the psychiatric disorders that most affect people over 60 years of age. But, to live in a healthy way and without any kind of concern, it is very important to carry out group activities. The practice of activities with other people can be extremely stimulating.

They can help to increase self-esteem , in addition to occupying the mind with healthy and productive activities, controlling possible problems, such as stress .

Fleeing from sadness

It is necessary that the family or the elderly themselves seek practices that make them happy. Dancing, learning to play a musical instrument or speaking a new language are great alternatives, including keeping your memory skills up to date.

Dissatisfaction with daily activities should be viewed carefully, so it is essential that people close by always observe and seek to help an elderly person with socialization problems.

Scheduling trips, playing sports or physical activities are also important attitudes, as they help to stimulate the brain and escape from routine. Starting to study again dramatically reduces the chances of developing diseases like Alzheimer’s. These tips are simple, but they can improve the lives of older people.

Healthy aging

In many cases, individuals feel limited and cannot accept the changes brought about by age. Currently, with the increase in life expectancy, the elderly have more freedom and leisure options that can bring many benefits.